Braun Food Factory

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Compare 9 prices from 5 stores.

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Rs. 27500 - Rs. 50000


A Braun food factory can add a lot of value to one's kitchen by helping with the prep of food. These machines can blend, mix, knead, slice and grate food or ingredients. The size of a Braun food factory is compact for all its functionality and the prices are in the mid-range.


Braun is a top brand for appliances. The brand also produces a range of food factories. These are small kitchen appliances that help one do a lot of the prep tasks that are generally done by hand. This makes one's work a lot faster.

Braun Food Factory Features

A food factory from Braun can knead dough, chop vegetables and cut french fries. They also feature a citrus juicer, grating inserts, shredding insert as well as whipping and blending options.

All these various processes make it a lot easier to prepare foods before cooking. There are pre-set speed functions that are designed for specific foods, for instance, the machine knows the speed to knead. One can choose to change up the speeds as well, this lets you prepare things how you see fit giving you a lot more control over the end product.

A food factory can also help prepare things such as juices and sauces. It could also be used to churn butter.


A Braun food factory is made with dishwasher safe parts so it is easy to clean. The size is compact so it does not take up too much space in the kitchen.

The price of a Braun food factory is in the mid ranges.

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The best price of Braun Food Factory in Pakistan is Rs. 27,500 and the estimated average price is Rs. 39,636.

Price List

Model Price
BRAUN Food Processor FP 3131 Rs. 34,000
BRAUN Food Processor FP 3010 Rs. 41,990
Braun 12-in-1 Food Processor (FP-3235) Rs. 50,000
BRAUN Food Steamer FS 3000 Rs. 33,790
Braun FP-3235 12-in-1 Food Processor Rs. 42,656
BRAUN PurEase Food processor FP 3235 SI Rs. 48,990
Braun Food Processor FP-3132BK Rs. 27,500
Braun FP 3132 PureEase Food Processor Rs. 35,000
BRAUN PurEase Food processor FP 3233 SI Rs. 42,795