Braun Food Steamer

Compare 23 prices from 9 stores.

Compare 23 prices from 9 stores.

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Rs. 2999 - Rs. 35995


The Braun food steamer can cook a variety of diet-friendly meals without using oil or fat agents. It simply steams the food items placed inside its modern cooker design with simple heating power controls. The steam burner is easy to use and clean capable of cooking several servings in one go.

Pros & Cons


  • Uses a double boiler mechanism that is safe and effective for cooking

  • There is a minimal loss of vitamins while cooking vegetables


  • Using tap water may damage the steamer

  • Can not use salt and other spices while cooking



Braun food steamer has two levels of transparent containers that use the heat of steam generated by electricity. It can fully cook vegetables, meat and even desserts for the whole family. It is a simple and effective cooking appliance that uses two plastic baskets one on top of the other with a fully loaded capacity of 3.1 litres.


The device has a built-in sound timer that indicates that the cooking process is complete. The timer has a maximum of one hour and turns off automatically once the cooking period has finished. The high temperature will fully penetrate the food items ensuring that they are properly cooked without even needing any flipping over or mixing. The Braun food steamer can even be used for quick defrosting and reheating any pre-cooked food.

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The best price of Braun Food Steamer in Pakistan is Rs. 2,999 and the estimated average price is Rs. 16,142.

Price List

Model Price
BRAUN Food Steamer FS 3000 Rs. 33,790
Braun Tribute Collection Food Steamer (FS-3000) Rs. 18,645
Braun Identity Collection Food Streamer FS5100 Rs. 23,668
Braun Tribute Collection Food Streamer FS3000 Rs. 21,380
Sanford Food Steamer Rs. 35,995
Philips HD9125/90 Food Steamer Rs. 23,999
Sanford Food Steamer, 1000W, SF-5754FS Rs. 18,000
Stainless Steel Round Shaped Hole Cookware Food C… Rs. 3,350
Black & Decker HS6000 3 Tier Food Steamer Rs. 34,992
Stainless Steel Round Shaped Hole Cookware Food C… Rs. 5,250
Original Alpha Stainless Steel High Grade Food St… Rs. 16,675
Braun Tex Style-1 Steam Iron, 2000W, SI-1050 Rs. 15,000