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Compare 137 prices from 15 stores.

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An excellent aid to new mothers having trouble with breastfeeding as it ensures that they can pump enough milk out to feed their baby A new board baby takes time settling into the latching phasing of breastfeeding and mothers can use a breast pump that mimics breastfeeding to help store milk in a bottle.


How does it work?

The breast pump price in Pakistan depends on which brand you consider buying. The international brands include Medela, Phillips and Lansinoh that use a stimulating system that promotes the engorgement of the nipples to create easy milk flow through suction of the breast. The milk can be collected into secure feeding bottles directly and stores in the fridge for several hours. The pump is available in both electric and manual making it easy to design the perfect environment for you and your baby. There are online stores that sell a variety of models in Pakistan. 

Electric Breast Pump 

Many baby product brands offer a complete solution to breastfeeding by providing an electric pump with a dual system that automatically stimulates the breasts through a suction system. The process is entirely safe and hygienic as the bottles can be sterilised and washed thoroughly by hand or machine.
The portability of the breast pump ensures that it can easily be carried on trips and while commuting making it easy to feed your baby on the go. The electric system is reliable and long-lasting with adapters and long cables to provide comfortable usage to the mother.
There are a controlled pressure and suction setting that allows the user to monitor and control the speed making it easy to pump milk. There is also the option to use batteries to power the pump in case there is no electrical socket available. There are also rechargeable pumps that can store power to use them comfortably away from the wall socket. 

Manual Breast Pump

The option to use an entirely manual breast pump is for mothers who need help with storing breast milk for certain occasions such as parties, giving to the babysitter if away for too long and feeding once a day with the help of the pump. It can feel more exhausting as compared to electric pumps that do not require hand massaging the breasts. The manual breast pump does not make any noise whereas the electric pump has a running motor that can disturb your sleeping baby. For babies that are light sleeper and cholic, using a manual pump can ensure that they are not disturbed during the night while you prepare the milk. 
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The best price of Breast Pump in Pakistan is Rs. 1,450 and the estimated average price is Rs. 26,675.

Price List

Model Price
Electric Wearable Breast Pump | Rechargeable Hand… Rs. 15,299
Double Electric Breast Pump With Pacifier Set | B… Rs. 14,099
Double Rechargeable Breast Pump | With Massage an… Rs. 14,599
Manual Breast Pump with Pacifier Set | Portable &… Rs. 2,699
Silicone Manual Breast Pump Breastfeeding | Manua… Rs. 1,699
Rechargeable & Portable Electric Breast Pump | Mi… Rs. 10,199
Electric Breast Pump With Pacifier Set | Easy Mot… Rs. 9,299
Breast Pump - By-70 - Plastic - White Rs. 33,000