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Bremod Hair Color is a Korean hair beauty brand that has become highly popular due to its nourishing formula and wide range of colours. The colours are rich and velvety that will cover greying hair strands completely The natural tones include Black and Brown along with a set of colour series that include shades of Mahogany, Purple, Red and Gold Copper.


Bremod Hair Color Cream is a professional quality hair colour formula with added Tea Seed Essence, Sunflower Essence and Aloes Essence that leaves the hair feeling soft, shiny and smooth. There are over 60 shades in the colour chart starting with 9 natural tones for those looking to match their natural hair colour. The variety of colours ensures that professional hairstylists can mix tones and shades to create customisable designs. The contemporary range offers Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow and Violet which are popular among younger men and women looking for modern hairstyles. Bremod Hair Color is popularly used by professional hairstylists that want control over the colour consistency and have more freedom to be creative with their hair colour treatments.

With the Bremod professionals can create complex hair dye designs on men and women. The hair colour mixture requires mixing in the dye with an oxidant cream that then penetrates the hair strand to allow the colour to be absorbed. The mixture is applied using gloves and an applicator brush so that it does not come into contact with the skin. Be sure to do a patch test of 48-hours which is called an allergy test to be sure it does not negatively react with the scalp and skin. 

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