Bridal Jewellery Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Bridal Jewellery in Pakistan is Rs. 350 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,349.


Pakistani weddings are all about extravagance, delicious food and endless fun. Brides take special care while getting dolled up for their big day as that's one occasion when all eyes are going to be on the bride. The bridal jewellery and dress have to be exquisite and complement each other to make the bride look regal and elegant. People notice every little detail of the marrying couple's ensembles and the brides and grooms make sure to look their best. Months long preparations go into planning the wedding and the bridal outfit alone takes a whole month to complete. Then comes the step of buying a matching bridal jewellery set. If you are looking for one, check out bridal jewellery prices in Pakistan and designs on this page.


In Pakistan, bridal jewellery is mostly made out of pure Gold but that's something not everyone can afford these days. For cheaper options, people turn to artificial bridal jewellery sets and look just as fabulous without spending a million dollars on a piece of jewellery that is going to sit in the bank lockers forever.

Artificial bridal jewellery sets include every piece of jewellery that a bride would need to complete her Mehndi, Barat or Waleema look. These bridal jewellery pieces include matha patti, bangles, necklace, earrings, rings, maang tika, the 5 ring bracelet commonly called panj ungla in Pakistan, nose ring or nath, jhoomar, etc.

Bridal Jewellery Designs

For design inspiration, you can search for bridal jewellery online and get a multitude of bridal jewellery pics. Gone are the days when brides used to sit with a makeup-free face, oil in her hair and worn-out clothes on her Mehndi or Mayoon event. Modern brides love to dress up properly on every event of their wedding with matching shoes, heavy jewellery and makeup. 

Mehndi Bridal Jewellery

For Mehndi or Mayoon, Pakistani brides usually opt for jewellery made out of gota as well as fresh or artificial flowers. These ornaments include chunky jhumkas, bangles, rings, maang teeka and in some cases jhoomars made out of silver or golden gotta or flowers. While gota trend goes in and out of fashion, flower jewellery for bride never goes out of fashion and to this day it is the first choice of every mehndi bride.

Barat Bridal Jewellery

Pakistani brides opt for the complete bridal jewellery sets on their big day. Typically made out of real gold, these sets include the complete ornaments that would give a heavy formal look to the bride's entire ensemble. The beads or gems used in the jewellery complements or matches the colour of the brides' outfit. Some go for plain gold jewellery, other add gems, pearls or precious stones for a more modern look.

Walima Bridal Jewellery

For the occasion of walima, brides opt for jewellery that goes with heir walima outfit. Typically brides use reds and maroons with gold work on their barat but for walima they go for lighter colours and team them with silver work. Gold doesn't complement silver worked bridal dresses so brides either opt for platinum bridals jewellery sets or artificial silver metal jewellery with zircons and gems.

Bridal jewellery prices in Pakistan depend upon the material and design you choose. Gold jewellery is obviously expensive and goes according to the current rate of gold in the market. Jewellery made out of artificial materials or gold plated jewellery sets for brides don't come as heavy on the pocket and are available online in Pakistan in a plethora of designs and styles. 

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Vietnamese sand gold plated imitation flower coin… Rs. 3,000
Artificial Bridal Jewelry Set - Jewellery Set for… Rs. 690
Bridal jewellery set, Bridal jewellery set india… Rs. 2,499
Pair of Pink Floral Bridal Shower Gajra / Mayon B… Rs. 1,499
Bridal jewellery set, Bridal jewellery set india… Rs. 3,999
Bridal Set-22 (Golden) Rs. 4,000
bridal chokar zarqoon set Rs. 1,899
Bridal jewellery set, Bridal jewellery set india… Rs. 2,499
Bridal jewellery set indian, Bridal jewellery se… Rs. 2,199
New Bridal hydrabadi set for womens Rs. 3,999
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