Brite Washing Powder Price in Pakistan

The best price of Brite Washing Powder in Pakistan is Rs. 469 and estimated average price is Rs. 734.


Brite washing powder is a laundry detergent brand by Colgate Palmolive company that is known for its wide variety of toiletries, dental care and handwashing products. Already being a specialist in anti-bacterial and whitening treatments, Brite washing power has advanced stain removing formula.


There are two main Brite washing powders the Maximum Power that is a handwashing specialist with powerful stain removing magnets effective in the first wash and Brite Machine Wash designed especially for washing machine washing. Other detergent powder brands made by Colgate Palmolive are Express and Bonus. The Brite washing powder is supposed to be used within 5 years of its manufacturing date. The strong formula will save time is cleaning clothes returning them to a fresh and clean state without wasting too much water. The price point is affordable and there are a variety of sizes available so that users are able to purchase according to their personal and family requirements. 

Price List

Model Price
Brite 3kg - Detergent Washing Powder Rs. 1,371
Brite Anti-Bacterial 1kg - Detergent Washing Powd… Rs. 534
Brite Machine Wash 1kg - Detergent Washing Powder Rs. 535
Brite 1kg - Detergent Washing Powder Rs. 545
Brite Machine Washing Powder 1KG Rs. 529
Brite Machine Wash Powder 1kg Rs. 560
Brite Machine Wash Washing Powder 1kg Rs. 490
Brite Detergent Powder 1kg Rs. 560
Brite 2kg – Detergent Washing Powder Rs. 949
Brite 1kg - Detergent Washing Powder Rs. 523
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