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Compare 40 prices from 4 stores.

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For centuries royalty, high ranking officers in the military and government, aristocrats, successful merchants, and rich businessmen would adorn themselves with fashionable brooches. Their formal attire was not complete without it as it signified the importance of their family background, position in society or opulence.


Cultural Significance 

Adorning a coat, cape, shawl or blazer with a gold or silver brooch for men has become commonplace in our society. Men want to dress with a sense of prestige and elegance that dates back centuries. The designs in brooches for men are inspired from the glamourous Victorian era of antique gold and silver pins to 21th-century minimalistic brooches using platinum. 

A brooch can feel like an extension of one's personality, using designs of animals, flowers, objects and family crest to showcase qualities and characteristics. There are various types of brooch for men pins that include the classic tie hub used to keep it in place for hours, the more glamourous chain brooches feel Persian inspired and popular among Pakistani men. The lapel broch is a simple and elegant pin that is compact and easy to wear on the collar of a blazer. 

Formal Wear

A groom will wear a three-piece suit or sherwani on his wedding and will want to complete the look with a brooch, pocket square, tie, bow tie, watch and cufflinks. For fancy dinner parties, formal charity balls, polo matches and other fancy social gatherings men will often have a statement piece of jewellery that is a brooch. 

Gold Brooches

There are many varieties of gold brooches for men in 9ct gold or 15ct gold that feel comfortable and do not damage clothes. The broch will be embellished with semi-precious stones inlaid into the design. Mid-range t budget-friendly brooches will have a gold finish that is affordable but will last only a few years as the gold wash will start fading. 

Silver Brooches

Silver is timeless as the elegance and subtly of sterling silver, silver citrine, or silver-gilt and enamel are long-lasting without fear of rusting or fading. Silver brooches are an understatement fashion statement as compared to gold creating a chic and sophisticated look for formal business meetings and ideal for formal lunches. 

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The best price of Brooch For Men in Pakistan is Rs. 275 and the estimated average price is Rs. 925.

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Brooch For Men | Crown Brooch | 2pcs Set Crown Br… Rs. 390
Stethoscope Brooch Rs. 1,999
Leaf Brooch Rs. 1,499
Elegant Eagle Brooch Rs. 1,199
Tiger Sword Brooch Rs. 1,299
Markhor Brooch Rs. 1,999
Brooch For Men - Party / Occasional Wear Rs. 500
Brooch For Men | 2pcs Set Brooch Crown + Markhor … Rs. 399
Wolf Head Brooch Rs. 1,199
Deer Pin Brooch Rs. 1,199