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Compare 206 prices from 9 stores.

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Rs. 175 - Rs. 12000


Brooches are embellished pins worn on the right or left side of the chest on jackets, blazers, capes, sweaters and shawls. They are seen as a regal emblem of prestige worn by kings, queens, presidents with significant seals or symbols representing their position. They can be worn as jewellery pieces by men and women for formal occasions, weddings and parties.


There are plenty of shapes and sizes available in brooches available in gold, silver, bronze and iron. The vintage brooch has an antique finish with darkened gold colour and intricate engravings. There are many themes for brooches that include flowers, animals and geometrical shapes.

The delicate brooches will have diamonds, jewels and gemstones inlaid into the design creating beautiful flowers, butterflies and birds as popular motifs. There are also lapel pins for men that have two pieces joined together with chains that look sophisticated when worn on the collar and side shoulder area of a coat. 

There are studs also available that are a simple circle shape with one stone or crystal that will sparkle in the light and keep your dupatta and shawl in place during a wedding or formal dinner party. The brooches that are a simple tie pin are ideal for men who would like to keep their tie in place during a busy workday or during a wedding. 

There are many kinds of brooches available on Shopsy that will make ideal gifts for family and friends. The details and handmade quality of the brooches make them a timeless fashion accessory for all ages.

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The best price of Brooches in Pakistan is Rs. 175 and the estimated average price is Rs. 694.

Price List

Model Price
Classic Traditional Crystal Pocket Brooch Multi C… Rs. 5,000
Classic Traditional Crystal Turban Brooch Multi C… Rs. 7,500
Maple - Brooch - Sb024 - The Brooch Hub Rs. 525
Pankh - Brooch - Sb027 - The Brooch Hub Rs. 625
Maple - Brooch - Sb024 - The Brooch Hub Rs. 625
Brooch - Bc008 Rs. 725
Brooch - Sb070 Rs. 495
Brooch - Ffb002 Rs. 675
Lady Justice - Brooch - Sb054 - The Brooch Hub Rs. 795