Bubble Wrap Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Bubble Wrap in Pakistan is Rs. 120 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,280.


A commonly used packaging material that provides cushioning. Bubble wrap is available with a varied size in bubbles, the apt one depends on what one needs to pack. The price of bubble wrap is nominal.


Bubble wrap

A lot of items need padding for when they are packaged for storage or transport; bubble wrap is one of the most commonly used forms of padding. The construction has air trapped in small bubbles between two sheets of plastic. There are different sizes of bubbles available, with a 1cm bubble being the standard option. The smaller ones can be at 6mm and larger ones can be around 1-inch.

Due to the fact that bubble wrap is used for electronics as well, there is a variant made from anti-static plastic so that chips are not damaged due to static buildup.

If one wants to provide shock and vibration protection they may need to cover the item with multiple layers of bubble wrap.

More about bubble wrap

Bubble wrap was created by Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes in 1957 and is a trademark of the Sealed Air Corporation. People also play with bubble wrap for amusement; when individual bubbles are compressed enough they pop with a satisfying sound.


There is an environmental concern that is being addressed by the EU, that bubble wrap creates a lot of waste. It is slowly being phased out like many other plastics. The price of bubble wrap is generally nominal.

Price List

Model Price
Bubble Wrap 10 Meter length 40'' wide - High qual… Rs. 699
Bubble Wrap Width 12 inches Length 39 inches Rs. 120
Bubble Wrap 10 Meter Length 10 Inch Wide High Qua… Rs. 299
Bubble Wrap 30 Meter length 40'' wide - High qual… Rs. 2,100
Packing Bubble Wrap Cushioning Roll 50 feet - Tra… Rs. 2,600
10 Meter Bubble Wrap Rs. 650
Bubble Wrap 20 Meter length 40'' wide - High qual… Rs. 1,450
Bubble Wrap Size: 10 Meter Length / 1 Meter Width… Rs. 660
Pink Bubble Wrap Jacket Rs. 1,899
Packing Bubble Wrap Cushioning Roll 30 feet - Tra… Rs. 1,500
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