Buffalo Sauce Price in Pakistan

The best price of Buffalo Sauce in Pakistan is Rs. 200 and estimated average price is Rs. 374.


Buffalo sauce is commonly eaten with chicken wings but can be had with anything else you want to add some spice and tang to. This sauce is made by many brands and the prices are generally nominal.


Buffalo sauce

A sauce originating from the city of its namesake, Buffalo in New York, in the year 1939. The original sauce was created at the Anchor Bar, by Teressa Bellissimo, and it is known as the "Home of the original chicken wing." as it was chicken wings that were served in this sauce.

Even today buffalo sauce is closely associated with chickenwings. It is often considered to be very similar in taste to BBQ sauce, but at a base level, there are differences. Buffalo sauce is made with a vinegar-based cayenne pepper sauce mixed with melted butter.

In comparison to BBQ sauce, buffalo sauce is generally more hot, as in spicier as far as chillies are concerned. With a sharp tang due to the vinegar base. Whereas BBQ sauce is more savoury, smokier and sweeter, generally.


One could essentially eat buffalo sauce with anything they like but it is still more often eaten with chicken wings. Other things people have it with include sliders, burgers, sandwiches, mac & cheese and as dip for chips and fries.

Buffalo sauce is available for nominal prices and is made by many brands including the local Pakistani sauce brand, Dipitt.

Price List

Model Price
Dipitt Buffalo Sauce 300gms Rs. 350
Dipitt Buffalo Hot Sauce 60ml Rs. 200
Dipitt Buffalo Hot Sauce Super Hot 60 Ml Rs. 399
Dipitt Buffalo Sauce 300g Rs. 350
Dipitt Buffalo Hot Sauce Super Hot 300g Rs. 420
Dipitt Buffalo Sauce the Classic 300g Rs. 420
Dipitt Buffalo Sauce 300gm Rs. 400
Dipitt Buffalo Hot Sauce 160g Rs. 210
Dipitt Buffalo Hot Sauce Super Hot 60 ml Rs. 399
Dipitt Buffalo Hot Sauce 300gm Rs. 410
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