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Compare 29 prices from 5 stores.

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Rs. 528 - Rs. 6000


Bulb holders hold bulbs in place and also provide them with the needed electricity. Made from tough materials so they can withstand the heat produced by electrocution. The price of a bulb holder can be from the lower to mid ranges depending on the specific design and brand.


Bulb Holder

A mechanical device that a bulb is held by and also provides the bulb with an electrical connection for it to be lit. There are two main kinds of bulb holders, either it is the Edison screw or the bayonet mount also known as the pin bulb holder. The bayonet mount is attributed to the Islamic polymath Al-Jazari and has been used for various mechanical devices for centuries.

There are different sizes available with bulb holders, they are made size specific. A bulb's size has to correspond with the bulb holder so the fit is right and the connections are properly set.

Modern bulb holders

One can also find bulb holders that have more technology built into them aside from the ability to light a bulb up. This includes motion sensors or options such as smart bulb holders that can be controlled using WiFi. This lets one remotely switch their lights on or off, adding much convenience.


Bulb holders are made from tough materials such as brass, bakelite, ceramic and copper. This is due to conductivity requirements and that they will also heat up while switched on for extended periods. 

There are also other more specialised bulb holders such as the bi-pin connector or the wedge base, these are more often used for halogen lamps and such.

One has to be careful while installing a bulb into the bayonet mount as pressure needs to be applied to push it in and twist.

Bulb holders are available for lower to mid-range prices depending on the specific design and brand.

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The best price of Bulb Holder in Pakistan is Rs. 528 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,629.

Price List

Model Price
Little Man Bulb Holder Rs. 5,622
6 Pack Of E27 Retro Bulb Holder With Ring - Unive… Rs. 1,050
Bulb Holder Rs. 1,500
Studio Slave Bulb Holder Rs. 2,500
Wireless Remote Control Bulb Holder E27 Rs. 999
Ceiling Downlight Bulb Holder Cieling Light Holde… Rs. 645
Bulb Holder 4 in 1 Rs. 2,500
PIR Infrared Motion Sensor LED Lamp Bulb Holder E… Rs. 1,290
PIR Infrared Motion Sensor LED Lamp Wall Mounted … Rs. 1,275
PIR Infrared Motion Sensor LED Lamp Wall Mounted … Rs. 2,500