Butterfly Sewing Machine

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Compare 3 prices from 1 stores.

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Butterfly is one of the leading household sewing machine manufacturers in Pakistan. It is owned by a Chinese company named Shang Gong Group Co. Ltd. Butterfly machines have been an essential household item in Pakistan for decades. They have been passed on from generations to generations and at one time was one of the essential wedding gift items from the bride's parents. If you are looking for one, check out Butterfly sewing machine prices in Pakistan and read on for more information.


Popularity & Availability

The art of sewing clothes, knitting and embroidery are highly appreciated in Pakistan and till the late 90s, women were expected to possess all such talents. There was a time when tailor-made dresses were extremely expensive and older ladies of the house would sit all day long and stitch clothes for their children and grandchildren. During that era, a sewing machine was a must-have household item and sewing clothes a must-have talent. Without it, the lady of the house would be deemed talentless.

Thankfully the trends have changed and one can survive without having to know the intricate art of embroidery and sewing etc but the Butterfly sewing machine can still be found in almost every household. This is because it is amongst the most affordable and simple to operate machines that anyone can operate with a little practice. You don't always have to take hard projects like sewing an entire dress. Sometimes the sewing machine comes handy for regular wear and tear of fabrics and when you need a quick fix for your wardrobe mishaps. 

Butterfly Sewing Machine Types & Models

The machines come in three basic types; the JA1-1 is the basic model which is also the original machine with all the basic functionalities. JA2-1 features a drop reverse seam function and JA2-2 has a drop feed-dog that allows for embroidery work. You can also buy a sewing machine set by Butterfly that includes a machine with 5-drawer table and iron stand. 

Features & Quality

Butterfly sewing machine is easily available online and can be bought along with a wooden or plastic case or storage box. The iron handle is durable and features superior quality. The machine is fully equipped with a robust thread take-up lever, straight lockstitch and oscillating shuttle. You can use it in treadle type with a foot pedal or operate it by hand. You can also make stitching faster by installing an electric motor on the machine. A mini sewing machine motor would do the trick and make your sewing projects feel like a breeze. The machine can perfectly sew a wide variety of materials including silk, cotton, woollen, linen, chiffon, georgette etc. You can also use Butterfly sewing machine for embroidery projects too.


Models JA1-1, JA2-1, JA2-2, JA2-3, JA2-4
Height of Presser Foot 7mm
Needle Hax1 #14
Stitch Length 6mm
Power 150W
Mechanical Configuration Flat-Bed
Colour Black, Blue, Red, Green
Height Of Presser Foot 7mm
Weight 16KGS
Dimensions 54 x 23.5 x 38cm


The best price of Butterfly Sewing Machine in Pakistan is Rs. 14,499 and the estimated average price is Rs. 14,832.

Price List

Model Price
Sewing Machine Singer Rs. 14,999
Perfect Sewing Machine ® With Motor Rs. 14,999
Sewing Machine Japani Style Heavy Duty Rs. 14,499