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Compare 9,381 prices from 97 stores.

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A device that converts the analog signal from your Internet Service Provider into a digital one for your devices that are connected to the internet. There are a few different types and one can choose the one that they need for their specific connection type. The price varies based on the type and features of the model in question. Some are available for lower-end prices while others fall in the mid-range.


Cable Modem

A bridging device that connects your home to the wider internet. A cable modem converts analog signals into a digital format for your devices to make use of broadband internet. Making use of a coax cable, the same as the one that brings cable TV to your home, to receive the analog signal from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). A cable modem can be made to also use a fibre optic cable instead of a coax cable, depending on the specific kind.

It differs from modern routers in the sense that routers allow wireless connectivity, a modem on the other hand uses an ethernet cable to connect to your PC or other devices. Routers have a built-in modem, this is also why the terms 'modem' and 'router' are used interchangeably today.

Cable modems were a great step ahead of dial-up, offering way more speed to users.


Which cable modem you want to purchase is a matter of what connection you are getting from your ISP and also what cable modem your ISP recommends. 

The price of a cable modem depends on the specific type and what features it has, such as how many waired connections it can support. The price can be from the lower end or the mid ranges.

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D-Link VCCAUU64PVB3 CAT.6 UTP Network Cable Rs. 55,200
3m XE005319605 Cat 6 Cable Rs. 50,400
Socomec Ethernet Module Rs. 225,000
D-Link DPH-120SE - Broadband Internet IP Phone Rs. 15,000
Corning CAT 6 UTP Cable 305 Meter Rs. 49,200
D-Link DPH-120SE Broadband Internet IP Phone Rs. 10,999
D-Link NCB-C6UGRYR-305-23 Cable Rolls 305m Rs. 49,200
Tplink TD-W8968 ADSL2+Modem Router Rs. 10,920
Grandstream (UCM6301) IP PBX Rs. 78,599
TP-Link Archer C6 AC1200 Wireless MU-MIMO Router Rs. 13,200