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Compare 69 prices from 7 stores.

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Rs. 2565 - Rs. 41499


Designed to make one's calculations faster and more accurate. Ther are different types of calculators, some can be used for more complex functions relating to algebra and geometry. The price of a calculator depends on its brand and the kind of calculator it is.



An electronic device that can help you do mathematical calculations. Calculators are very useful for doing accounts as it saves time and there is a lesser chance of error. One can input their mathematical values using a set of keys on the calculator and it does the rest, displaying the results on a screen. A widely used device, calculators can easily be found in professional and educational settings.

The designs of calculators vary a lot, from overall size to the number of keys and functions. Calculators also have different power sources, a lot have a small photovoltaic cell that can power them along with a battery that can be recharged. Calculator batteries last a long time and one with a photovoltaic cell can run 10 years without much issue.

More complex calculators are also available such as scientific calculators and graphic calculators. Scientific calculators will allow you to perform more complex functions beyond addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They can manage logarithms, exponents, trig functions and more. On the other hand, a graphic calculator is similar but it allows the user to type in a function and shows the results as a graph. The screen of a graphic calculator has a higher resolution so it can display the results clearer.

A lot of graphic calculators also include functions for complex financial calculations too.


The foremost brand in the calculator industry is Casio, with models that range from a card-size to large complex calculators. Other brands include Canon, Texas Instruments and HP.

Calculators used in smaller shops also have a small printer that is fed by a paper roll and can print out a receipt for customers.

The price of a calculator depends on what kind it is, its size and the brand that produced it. Generally available at a low-range price.

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The best price of Calculator in Pakistan is Rs. 2,565 and the estimated average price is Rs. 7,115.

Price List

Model Price
Casio Calculator 82 EX Rs. 4,250
Casio Original Calculator JJ-120D Plus Rs. 4,175
Casio Original Calculator WD-220Ms Rs. 5,725
Casio Scientific Calculator Fx 82es Plus Rs. 3,199
Casio Original Calculator MJ-100D Plus Rs. 3,125
Casio Scientific Calculator Fx991ex Rs. 6,700
Deli Stationery Calculator Rs. 3,220
Casio Original Calculator Dj-120d-plus Rs. 4,200
Casio Original Calculator HL-122 Tv Rs. 3,275