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Compare 2,621 prices from 102 stores.

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A brand for canned and such food items, California Garden has a wide range that one can purchase. These are ready to be consumed, with some that can be eaten as is or added to other dishes and salads.


California Garden is based in the UAE and has a lot of different food items. This includes things such as baked beans, tahini hommos, sweet corn and a lot more.

The various products can either be eaten as is or can be added to salads and dishes one may be preparing. Things like the tahini hommos can be had with pita as a starter or snack.

Other options include mixed fruits cocktails, mushrooms, peach halves, tuna, chickpeas and a lot more. The shelf life of California Garden products is long especially when they are not yet opened. 

Prices vary depending on the specific product.

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The Complete Gardener - A Practical, Imaginative … Rs. 6,795
Complete Gardener's Manual - The One-stop Guide t… Rs. 6,295
Kalanchoe Tomentosa Plant Rs. 5,062.20
Misty Garden Sarre Rs. 105,000
Busy Me My Gardening Caddy Rs. 6,670
Bird of Paradise – (Imported Early Flowering Plan… Rs. 6,240
IKEA CHILIPEPPAR Plant Pot In-Outdoor Beige 41cm … Rs. 15,999
MAT-Planter AD0025 Rs. 7,900
MAT-Planter AD0049 Rs. 9,300
Floris Daisy Planter Rs. 6,400