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Compare 152 prices from 16 stores.

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An all American brand Calvin Klein has a whole array of products. These include apparel, fragrances, watches and accessories. The variety within these separate categories is also more than ample. For instance, once can find casual everyday wear and also high fashion suits. The prices of Calvin Klein products are high.


The brand Calvin Klein

The brand behind the famous Eternity line is Calvin Klein (cK). One of the most well known American fashion houses, keeping up with the European mega houses. Owning a sizeable segment in commercial fashion and haute couture as well. Started in 1968 with a 10,000 dollar investment by Calvin Klein and Barry K. Shwartz; today it is a multibillion-dollar brand. Known for their underwear range and the models they employed over time including Kate Moss, Mark Wahlberg, Natalia Vodianova, Jerry Hall, Rita ORa, Diane Kruger, Justin Beiber, Lara Stone, Lupita Nyong'o, Eva Mendes, Saoirse Ronan, Kendal Jenner, Alexander Skarsgard, Doutzen Kroes and Jake Gyllenhaal to name only a handful. The fragrance section of Calvin Klein is owned by beauty product giant Coty.

Calvin Klein clothes

cK is among the most well-known design houses, they produce a vast variety of apparel from formal clothes to casual wear. One can find great quality in all their products. The design, fabric, cut, colour and stitching all show a great understanding of the sartorial flair.

The brand often dresses celebrities for the red carpet with their top tear suits and dresses. After this comes the semi-casual wear that is a way to disseminate their top-level designs into a more accessible price range. The next level comes to the casual wear which includes t-shirts, jeans and such items. These various lines include winter clothing such as coats, sweaters, caps and more.

Calvin Klein is quite famous for their underwear, especially from all the advertising. This is not to say the quality in the underwear section isn't actually high end; they make use of top quality cotton to produce very comfortable underwear. There are also options for sports underwear, which are more fitted and made from elasticised mixed materials so one is able to move more efficiently. 

cK's fragrance range

The first scent eponymous by cK was launched in 1978. Over the years cK has launched many successful scents, designed to contain the spirit of the decade they were created in. The more known fragrances are Obsession, Eternity, cK One and Euphoria. The range is diverse aside from these hits, covering a wide variety of smells that could remind one of a summer day or a beautiful autumn night. There are enough options for anyone to pick from.

Calvin Klein watches

The watches under the Calvin Klein label are manufactured under licence by the Swatch Group, which is why the watches are 'Swiss made'. The watches are made with high-quality Swiss movements. Calvin Klein watches are not just designed well but are being manufactured by one of the top watchmakers in the world. These watches are accessories to one's style that can add more to your attire. With a tone of modern elegance; styles that are chic and with enough options for anyone to be able to find a watch that suits their persona. 

The Calvin Klein watch range includes options for men and women, with variations in material that include leather and metal. Calvin Klein watches are of high quality and the prices reflect that too. One is, of course, paying a premium price for the brand name, but the build quality is at par. With sleek finishes and top-grade designs, one has many options to choose from. A Calvin Klein watch, if cared for, will last a long while.


Calvin Klein also produces a variety of household items such as bedding, towels and accessories.

The price range of cK products varies just as much as the available options; from a mid to higher range. This depends on which specific line a product belongs to. But generally, the prices would be considered high by Pakistani standards.

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The best price of Calvin Klein in Pakistan is Rs. 9,405 and the estimated average price is Rs. 15,287.

Price List

Model Price
Calvin Klein Calvin Klein Ck One Edt 100ml Rs. 10,800
Calvin Klein Rs. 14,040
Calvin Klein Rs. 21,294
Calvin Klein Obsession Men Edt 125ml Calvin Klein Rs. 9,899
Calvin Klein Rs. 18,720
Calvin Klein Rs. 13,260
Calvin Klein Calvin Klein Euphoria Men Edt 100ml Rs. 11,100
Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Women Edt 100ml Calvin … Rs. 11,000
Calvin Klein Rs. 10,530
Calvin Klein Eternity Moment Women Edp 100ml Calv… Rs. 12,200