Calvin Klein Eternity Now Price in Pakistan

The best price of Calvin Klein Eternity Now in Pakistan is Rs. 7,524 and estimated average price is Rs. 10,444.


Eternity is one of Calvin Klein's best fragrance lines in terms of market success. There are many versions that have been released over the years, with Eternity Now being one of them. There is a men's and a women's version, the former is a Fougere meaning it has a greener feel to it, with the latter being more along the florals. Both, however, share an oriental scent space for the lighter notes to exist in. The price of Calvin Klein Eternity Now fragrances is in an affordable range.


Calvin Klein is a famous brand, it is based in America; one of the few all American fashion houses of international repute. The brand also produces fragrances, with the Eternity line being one of the best known. The original, supper saccharine Eternity for women was a common perfume in Pakistan. Over time the brand has produced a lot of different iteration in this line and added men's versions as well.

Calvin Klein Eternity Now is one of the variations from 2015. These are both laid along an oriental base, this gives them a deeper scent so some of the sweetness is cut out. The men's version is tagged as a Fougere, meaning it is towards a greener side; with the women's one being floral and fruity.

Calvin Klein Eternity Now

For the women's Eternity Now, the top layer is made from quince, sorbet and litchi. These are all fruits, onto which the quince and sorbet also add some sourness. The heart notes belong to flowers, with peach blossom, peony and neroli as the notes. To anchor these fruity, sweet and sour smells the base has cashmere wood, musk and abroxan. All of these are where the oriental feel is laid out for the upper layers to be exuded from.

The men's version has a different feel with its more green edge. The top layer is made from spiciness that comes from star anise and ginger. There is also coconut nectar which gives it a milkiness with a very, very subtle sweet scent. These scents go on to the heart, where one finds carambola, cedar and patchouli. This set gives it green notes, wood and earthiness as well.

Base notes for the men's Eternity Now are made from tonka bean, vanilla and Moroccan cedar. This is where the oriental scents are for the men's version as well.

Overall, people either really like Calvin Klein Eternity Now or not, there isn't a middle ground. If you are looking for a breezy scent that is for lighter seasons such as summer, spring and autumn; the Eternity Now options are good for you.

The staying power is ample for one's needs; granted these are a Calvin Klein production the quality is high.


The prices of Calvin Klein Eternity Now fragrances are in the affordable ranges, making them easier to purchase for more people. Giving them access to a higher quality scent.

Price List

Model Price
Calvin Klein - Eternity Now For Men 100ml Rs. 12,209
Calvin Klein Eternity Now Women EDP 100ml Rs. 7,524
Calvin Klein Eternity Now EDT 100ml (Men) Rs. 11,600
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