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The best price of Calvin Klein Eternity Summer in Pakistan is Rs. 9,995 and estimated average price is Rs. 9,995 - updated 22 Sep 2023. The Eternity line from Calvin Klein is very successful and has spawned many iterations over the years. This includes Eternity Summer, a range of fragrances geared for the season of their namesake. This means the general tones for these options is light, fresh and summery. So one has a refreshing aura around them in the heat. The prices of Eternity Summer fragrances are in an affordable range.


A leading American fashion brand, Calvin Klein has a lot of options in fragrances as well. The Eternity line is a very successful one, with many reiterations over the years. The Calvin Klein Eternity Summer line is one that is specifically geared for the warmer seasons.

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer

The first Eternity Summer options for men and women were launched in 2005, both had an aquatic tone to them, so the wearer has the feel of a fresh island breeze. The men's was aromatic and spicy, while the women's was more floral. Over the years, Calvin Klein has launched a version for men and women each year.

All the ones for women have a basic floral feel to them, with the other notes either being fruity, aquatic or green. This goes to show what the Eternity line is about for women, from the genes of the original with its floral notes. Despite this focus, all of them also have a warmer base with something that is along a musk note to root it, otherwise, it would have too much sweetness and nothing to hold it down. This is also to make them more summer oriented in comparison.

The men's variants have stayed true to the aromatic side, with all versions till now having that as their main accord. With the secondary accords being mostly Fougere, woody or aquatic at times. This is a great mix for summer feels, giving one the refreshing scent they need around them. There is the exception one finds in the 2020 iteration which is tagged as amber spicy, still, the overall balance is well put together to fit the summer season.

Generally, the Calvin Klein Eternity Summer line is prefered for the daytime and warmer seasons, very few people like to wear it at night or in the winter. But this is a matter of personal choice and one could wear it whenever they feel like it. This range is well-liked overall, with some that love it and quite a few that dislike it for being a bit too sweet and strong.


The price of Calvin Klein Eternity Summer fragrances is in the affordable range, making for relatively high-value purchases since the quality is high. The staying power of these fragrances is also good and the sillage too.

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    Calvin Klein Eternity Summer Eau De Toilette For Men - 100 ML