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Compare 8,004 prices from 98 stores.

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A world-famous brand, Calvin Klein produces a range of accessories that include watches for men. Their watch range is produced in tie with Swatch, the Swiss watch brand. The watches are designed to accentuate your style. Calvin Klein, Swatch fame and quality mean these are high price products.


The brand Calvin Klein

Few other American brands are as famous a Calvin Klein and fewer are able to compete with the European fashion houses. Established in 1968, Calvin Klein is a multibillion-dollar brand today. The brand has employed some of the most famous celebrities across the board, from Kate Moss to Justin Beiber.

Calvin Klein produces accessories as well, this segment also features men's watches.

Calvin Klein men's watches

The watches under the Calvin Klein label are manufactured under licence by the Swatch Group, which is why the watches are 'Swiss made'. The watches are made with high-quality Swiss movements.

Calvin Klein's men's watches are not just designed well but are being manufactured by one of the top watchmakers in the world. These watches are accessories to one's style that can add more to your attire. With a tone of modern elegance; styles that are chic and with enough options for anyone to be able to find a watch that suits their persona.


The Calvin Klein men's watch range includes variations in material that include leather and metal. The watches are of high quality and the prices reflect that too.

One is, of course, paying a premium price for the brand name, but the build quality is at par. With sleek finishes and top-grade designs, one has many options to choose from. A Calvin Klein men's watch, if cared for, will last a long while.

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Daniel Klein Black Dial Men’s Watch Rs. 14,900
Daniel Klein Pair Watches Men/Women Rs. 27,400
Daniel Klein Smoke Grey Dial Men’s Watch Rs. 15,000
Timex Men's Analog Watch, 1600 Rs. 52,200
LIGE Watch Men Fashion Sport Quartz Clock Men Rs. 6,000
Blue Dial Daniel Klein For Men Rs. 12,600
Michael Kors Men's Chronograph Watch MK9060 Rs. 148,900
Timex Men's Chrome Round Dial & Bracelet Chronogr… Rs. 52,200
Lee Cooper Chronograph Watch For Men Rs. 25,063
Fossil Minimalist Chronograph Men's Watch FS5848 Rs. 72,600