Cambridge Electric Oven

Compare 40 prices from 12 stores.

Compare 40 prices from 12 stores.

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Rs. 26200 - Rs. 480000


The Cambridge Electric Oven has grilling, rotisserie and baking settings making it easy to prepare 14inch Pizza, roast, BBQ and toast bread slices. You do not need to be an expert cook to operate this electric oven just simply place the uncooked food on the tray, choose the recommended temperature and set the cooking mode to what you require.


The Cambridge Electric Oven has two main heating features that include Defrosting and Keepwarm. There are various sizes available so that you can pick the perfect model for you and your family. The smaller model can fit a 10-inch pizza and the larger model can fit a 14-inch pizza.

The weight of the electric oven is approximately 5KG that is easy to clean and carry. You will be able to thaw frozen foods by using the defrosting settings that will help reduce the meal preparation time. The Keepwarm setting is powered with convection that is great for reheating cooked food, melting cheese and refreshing meals quickly if they have gotten cold.

There is a temperature control knob, cooking mode with 4 settings and a timer knob to help control the process of cooking. With the help of an electric oven, you can skip relying on gas stove cooking that will help reduce cooking time and does not require constant supervision. The controlled environment of the electric oven will ensure your food does not overcook or burn as there is a sound indicator that notifies you when the timer has finished.

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The best price of Cambridge Electric Oven in Pakistan is Rs. 26,200 and the estimated average price is Rs. 127,871.

Price List

Model Price
Cambridge – Electric Oven – EO6258 Rs. 30,650
Cambridge Electric Oven (EO-6225) Rs. 26,200
Stoven E=60 Electric Oven Rs. 79,360
Milton Built-in Oven MOG601S Rs. 175,000
Stoven O-65 Electric Oven Rs. 89,600
Zanussi ZOHNX2X1A Built In Electric Oven Rs. 170,000
Stoven VGE-01 Electric Oven Rs. 92,160
Model: Geepas GO4408 Rs. 30,900
Stoven VGE-02 Electric Oven Rs. 92,160
Zanussi ZOHNX3X1 Built In Electric Oven Rs. 200,000