Cambridge Vacuum Cleaner Price in Pakistan

The best price of Cambridge Vacuum Cleaner in Pakistan is Rs. 18,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 20,066.


Cleaning the home can be a tiring and exhausting chore but with the help of the power Cambridge Vacuum Cleaner that has a 2400W (VC-102) motor that can pick up tough debris, dust and bits it can be done faster.


The popular drum shape Cambridge Vacuum Cleaner has enough capacity to hold up to 25 Liters of waste that is enough to last throughout the week for a small to medium-sized apartment. These heavy-duty vacuum cleaners are ideal for large homes with multiple bedrooms. The suction system makes it easy to pull hair, dirt, fine dust and food particles from the hard floor and carpeted areas of the home. 

The main components include the hard outer shell that is durable and long-lasting attached to wheels that make it easy to drag while your vacuum the floors. Inside the Cambridge Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful motor that charged the suction system, the waste is then pulled into a filter that holds the fine dust inside the drum. 

The filter is removable and washable making it easy to maintain the vacuum's performance over many years. The power cord is approximately 8 metres long making it easy to reach long distances across halls and multiple rooms. There are various floor and small brush tools that are attached to the main long rod that makes it easy to clean hard to reach areas, corners and sofas. 

Price List

Model Price
Cambridge | Vacuum Cleaner | VC105 Rs. 20,000
Cambridge (VC-105) Vacuum Cleaner Rs. 20,000
Cambridge | Vacuum Cleaner | VC106 Rs. 20,700
Cambridge VC-106 Vacuum Cleaner Rs. 20,500
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