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The best price of Camel Skin Lamps in Pakistan is Rs. 1,799 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,566.


The Camel Skin lamps are speciality decoration pieces that are made from the handicraft traditions originating in the Cholistan region of Pakistan. These beautiful hand-painted lamps have colourful motifs inspired by architecture, flowers, geometry and mosaic art dating back centuries.


The camel skin lamp is hand made by carefully treating the skin of the camel. It is first cleaned and stretched out on a clay mould placed directly under the sun by local artisans. Once the surface is dry and firm, it is ready for being painted on by hand in their regional designs. They are ideal for bringing a splash of colour into your bedroom and lounge. The light is diffused and soft that feels relaxing and luxurious.

These lamps are available in a variety of sizes and designs from compact small single spheres that have one light bulb at the centre to larger traditional lamp designs with a separate shade. Both the body of the lamp and the shade are made from camel skin that has transparency through which the colourful paint also glows. These lamps can be bought as a pair for side tables, the weight of the lamp is light and easy to handle. The unbreakable quality of the camel skin lamp is what makes it long-lasting and easy to maintain for a long period of time.

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Model Price
Camel Skin lamp Rs. 1,799
Camel Skin lamp Rs. 1,799
Table Lamp Design 1116 Rs. 2,750
Baku Camel Skin table lamps by UrbanTruckArt Rs. 3,150
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