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Compare 167 prices from 14 stores.

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Rs. 5028 - Rs. 300000


A camping chair is designed for easy portability and storage, featuring a foldable design that compacts conveniently for transportation or packing into a vehicle. While various sizes and styles are available, the common construction includes a metal frame supporting a cloth seat and backrest.


Camping chairs are a crucial element for enjoying your outdoor experiences, providing comfort and relaxation after a long day of exploration.

Whether you're hiking, fishing, or simply enjoying a picnic, having the right chair can make all the difference.

Popular Options

Markhor, Kingcamp, Ozark Trail, Helinox, Coleman, GCI Outdoor and Naturehike are the top camping chair brands available in Pakistan, catering to different needs and preferences.

Common Types

Camping chairs need to be tough enough to withstand the elements and rough terrain. Choose one made with strong materials like aluminium frames and weather-resistant fabric. Here are the types to choose from.

1. Folding Chairs

These are the most common and versatile types. They fold up compactly for easy storage and transport.

2. Reclining Chairs

These chairs offer a more relaxed and comfortable seating position, ideal for lounging by the campfire or enjoying the scenery.

3. Camp Stools

Camp stools are lightweight and portable, perfect for short hikes or picnics. They offer basic seating but lack back support.

4. Moon Chairs

These chairs have a unique design that allows you to sit low to the ground, providing a comfortable and stable position for campfire gatherings or stargazing.

Additional Features

Many camping chairs also come equipped with a small cup holder, allowing you to keep your warm drink within reach as you relax around the campfire.

Some also come with armrests, side pockets, and a carrying bag for added convenience.

For those seeking extra comfort, there are options with a longer body that enable lounging and a slight recline.

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The best price of Camping Chairs in Pakistan is Rs. 5,028 and the estimated average price is Rs. 65,355.

Price List

Model Price
Naturehike - Foldable Camping Chair Rs. 15,000
Kingcamp - Outdoor Camping Chair Lumbar Support P… Rs. 13,000
Kingcamp - Camping Chair Ultralight High Back Fol… Rs. 18,500
Naturehike - Portable Folding Moon Camping Chair Rs. 13,000
Foldable Hiking And Camping Chairs,table Set Rs. 14,999
Folding Portable Camping Coleman Quad Chair With … Rs. 10,000
Foldable Padded Sun Lounger Folding Chair-Bed Rel… Rs. 15,136
Gaming chair – OF-X5 Rs. 34,500
Gaming Chair / Office Executive Chair / Mesh Chair Rs. 80,000
Cougar Outrider S Gaming Chair Rs. 92,999