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Compare 11 prices from 3 stores.

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Rs. 2150 - Rs. 75000


When planning adventure travel in the great outdoors you will need camping gear that includes a sleeping bag, tent, water bottles, mobile stove and foam mats. Depending on where you are going and what season camping gear can change to help you set up the perfect outdoor vacation spot.


Camping Tents

With the right camping gear, you can make sure you get restful sleep under a starry night. If you are planning to travel in the summer purchasing a lightweight tent that is breathable and easy to carry. Hiking to remote spots becomes easier with the right kind of tent. There is a single person, double and up to 6 person tent available that can accommodate a larger group or family. Camping tents are easy to install with step by step guides that do not require any expertise, though the first few times can be a bit of a challenge. The double-layer openings on tents will keep out any unwanted insects using a light mesh and parachute layer to avoid cold winds at night.

Sleeping Bag

The quality of the sleeping bag is essential to camping as it helps the body retain heat that keeps you comfortable during the night without taking up a lot of space in the tent. Sleeping bags also come with a durable zip in the middle that can easily be pulled up from the inside when tucking in for the night. Sleeping bags can also be used as shared blankets when unzipped fully and are weatherproof. Their collapsable design makes it easy to roll and carry in your backpack when hiking. There are inflatable mattresses also available for those looking for extra comfort while camping. These are easy to fill using a handpump and sealed with a rubber plug that securely holds the air inside the mattress all night.


Cooking quickly and efficiently while camping is made possible with mobile and compact stoves that are attached to small gas or petrol cylinders. These stoves are lightweight and easy to set up as long as you have enough fuel to cook. Experienced campers invest in mobile stoves as they help with creating warm, comforting and nutritious food in remote areas skipping bulky canned food.

Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors without being disturbed by noisy restaurants or tourists as long as you have the right equipment to keep you safe and well-rested. Camping gear allows families to enjoy spending time together without television, laptops or mobile screens that help regain healthy communication and bonding with each other.

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The best price of Camping Gear in Pakistan is Rs. 2,150 and the estimated average price is Rs. 19,018.

Price List

Model Price
Naturehike Four-Piece Hiking Camping Cooking Set Rs. 6,500
Kitchen Tent Rs. 36,000
Toilet Tent Rs. 19,000
Sleeping Bags Polyester Rs. 4,000
Karrimor Down Sleeping Bag Rs. 12,500
Dream Enterprises Fortable Picnic Blanket Waterpr… Rs. 2,150
Water Pack/hydration Pack For Hiking & Camping Sp… Rs. 3,450
King Camp 1236-Compass Plus Grey KT2005 Rs. 36,600
Automatic Tent - Outdoor Camping - 3-4 Persons - … Rs. 7,499
Coleman Bering 4 Tent Rs. 75,000
Camp For Two Persons For Outing Rs. 6,500