Camping Tent Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Camping Tent in Pakistan is Rs. 5,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 29,881.


A camping tent is designed with lightweight materials that are easy to carry and store in the car while going on a nature-friendly vacation. There are nylon, polyester, cotton canvas, or polycotton camping tents available online. There are single-person, two-person, 2 to 4 and 4 to 6 person tents that are popularly used for trekking, hiking and mountain climbing expeditions. One could also find tents that can house more than 6 people.


The design of the camping tent is to ensure that cold winds, unwanted insects and dust can not enter your sleeping space. A two-person camping tent is ideal for solo camping as it can store your backpack and other essentials giving you ample space to change and sleep comfortably. The same rule is applied to travelling in a group of 2 to 4 persons. Getting a slightly bigger camping tent than the number of people ensures that you comfortably spend time inside the tent as the larger tents are tall enough to stand in. The essential features of a tent are strong poles to pitch the corners, thick material that does not easily tear and multiple ventilation points that include tent door and window flap.

Camping tents are seasonally designed with up to 4 layers that is ideal for below zero temperatures. The spring tents can be thinner as the morning sun usually heats the tent very quickly requiring ventilation more than heat retaining capability. Camping can be very satisfying and rewarding with the right gear which makes buying the right kind of tent an important part of planning your trip. If you plan to hike and trek it is better to go for an expensive camping tent that is built with ultra-lightweight materials but if you are travelling by car to the campsite then buying a cheaper version would be enough to stay comfortable during your trip. 

Lightweight & Portable 

Camping tents are easy to assemble with some requiring a two-person setup and others being fully automated like a pop-up umbrella mechanism. With a little practice, these easy to setup manual tents can be pitched by one person as well. The whole family can enjoy camping in the great outdoors. Camping tents will require extra lighting in the form of flashlights and torches as they do not have any lighting built into them. There are a wide variety of designs available online in bright colours and a camouflage print.

Price List

Model Price
5 To 6 People Capacity Picnic Camping Tent (7Ft L… Rs. 10,000
G N-12' Gazebo Tent Rs. 22,500
4-person Sundome Camping Tent Camping Tent For Ou… Rs. 27,600
G N-12' Gazebo Tent Rs. 22,500
6 Person Dark Room Camping Tent Rs. 47,500
KingCamp Marasusa II Double Room Camping Shower T… Rs. 43,500
G N-12' Gazebo Tent Rs. 22,500
4 Person Camping Tent Rs. 32,500
Water Proof Polyester Camping Tent 3 Person Rs. 5,000
King Camp Marasusa Coffee Single Room Camping Sho… Rs. 30,500
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