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Compare 110 prices from 11 stores.

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Rs. 315 - Rs. 6500


The affordable and reliable Canbebe is an international brand that creates high-quality personal hygiene solutions for baby, feminine and adult care. The products are dermatologically tested and ideal for babies as they are designed for sensitive newborn skin. The diapers are leakproof and comfortable to wear for over 12 hours of dry comfort.


Design & Technology 

The Canbebe ComfortDry is easy to use with leakage and spill-proof seal not only around the waist of the baby but also around the inner thighs and backside. There are Canbebe Pants that are available in Maxi Junior and Extra Large sizes ideal for ages 3 and above. The Canbebe baby pants are made from a stretchy elastic material that does not restrict the movement of the child.

They can play for hours without worrying about leakages or rashes and come off like regular underwear by pulling them down. Great for helping kids transition from diapers to the full potty training phase. The Special Comfort and Premium Comfort are high-quality diapers with specially added Alow Vera lotion that keeps the skin bacteria-free and soft. The built-in wetness indicator makes it easy to check the diaper and change without causing any uncomfortable delays.

There is a softness sheet used to line the diaper that does not damage sensitive skin. It can give the baby 12 hours of protection with its flex fit technology that ensures it remains extra-absorbent throughout the day or night. The technology also includes a special material that converts liquid to gel helping to preserve dryness inside the diaper. It is suitable for all skin types. Made from nontoxic material the back sheet is breathable keeping the skin fresh. Rought fabrics can cause skin burns due to the poor quality of the texture which is why the sheet must be soft and non-toxic. 

The variety of sizes ensures that the diapers are the anatomical shape of the baby. The sealing tapes are strong and can be frequently opened and closed to check the diaper from the inside. Size available is New Born, Mini, Midi, Maxi, Maxi Plus, Junior and Extra Large. The popular packs bought by parents are Jumbo and Super Economy as these have plenty of diapers at an affordable price. 

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The best price of Canbebe Diapers in Pakistan is Rs. 315 and the estimated average price is Rs. 2,049.

Price List

Model Price
CANBEBE Diapers SUPER ECO MINI 3-6KG (54PCS) Rs. 1,290
CANBEBE - Daipers Junior5 52Pcs 11/25Kg Rs. 3,200
Canbebe Diapers Super Eco Junior 11-25Kg (30Pcs) Rs. 980
CANBEBE Diapers SUPER ECO MAXI 7-18KG (40PCS) Rs. 1,245
CANBEBE Diapers JUMBO PACK MAXI 7-18KG (60PCS) Rs. 1,500
CANBEBE Diapers JUMBO PACK MINI 3-6KG (80PCS) Rs. 1,445
Canbebe Diapers Jumbo Pack 7-18Kg Junior (40Pcs) Rs. 1,295
CANBEBE Diapers SUPER ECO MIDI 4-9KG (46PCS) Rs. 1,245
CANBEBE Diapers JUMBO PACK MIDI 4-9KG (68PCS) Rs. 1,399
CANBEBE - New Born Diaper 48Pcs Rs. 1,650
Canbebe Diapers 2 Mini (3 to 6 kg) 9Pcs Rs. 999
CANBEBE Daipers size 5 46 peices Rs. 2,700