Candi Biscuit

Compare 11 prices from 3 stores.

Compare 11 prices from 3 stores.


Rs. 850 - Rs. 3950


Originally owned by the French food giant, Groupe Danone, Lefèvre Utile commonly known as LU is now a part of the US-based multinational food company Mondelēz International. LU Biscuits are quite popular in Pakistan owing to the traditional "chai biscuit" culture of Pakistan. Candi is one of the leading brands of LU biscuits and is widely consumed across Pakistan. Apart from tasting great, Candi biscuits are sold at affordable prices in Pakistan which makes them accessible to people from all socioeconomic classes.


Candi Biscuits Calories & Ingredients 

There are approximately 32 calories in one Candi biscuit. These are the only brown sugar biscuits in Pakistan that have a crunchy texture and a distinctive taste. Baked with the finest ingredients, Candi cookies are loved by many and are a popular tea time snack item. Pakistanis have a sweet tooth and they prefer sweetened cookies like Candi that have a crumbly texture.

Candi Biscuit Recipes & Packaging

There are tons of Candi biscuit dessert recipes on the internet that one can easily try at home. Mango Delight is a rich creamy dessert that uses mangoes, cream, Candi cookies and dried fruits to make a delicious evening dessert. You can also grind up Candi to a fine powder and use them as a base to your no-bake cakes.

Coarse grind the cookies to use them as toppings for your ice cream desserts. The biscuits can also be used for making Banoffee pie along with cream, condensed milk and bananas. You can also use them to make biscuit puddings, they are loved by kids all around the world as it contains all their favourite items; biscuits, custard, jam, jelly, walnuts and cream. 

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The best price of Candi Biscuit in Pakistan is Rs. 850 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,225.

Price List

Model Price
Biscoff Biscuit Spread 400g Rs. 3,950
Lotus Biscoff Original Caramelised Biscuits 250g Rs. 995
Biscoff Biscuits – 250g Rs. 999
Biscotto Wafer Sticks Chocolate Tin 125g Rs. 850
Biscotto Wafer Sticks Vanilla Tin 125g Rs. 850
L0tus Biscoff Sandwich Biscuits Milk Chocolate 15… Rs. 1,699
Biscotto Wafer Sticks Cappuccino Tin 125g Rs. 850
Danisa Traditional Butter Cookies 200g Rs. 995
Biscotto Wafer Sticks Chocolate Hazelnut Tin 125g Rs. 850
Biscuits. Rs. 896.25
Tiffany Delights Butter Cookies 100g Rs. 995