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Compare 772 prices from 31 stores.

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One of the simplest forms of lighting, candles have been in use for centuries. Today their main purpose is more associated with ambience, events or to spread scent. Still, a candle is useful for emergency situations as a light source. There are a lot o various types and the prices differ just as much. Prices start at the lower end for simple candles and go all the way to the higher end for premium scented candles.



A light that is ignited and burns slowly, candles were the main mode of light after oil lamps and before electricity. Candles were also used to measure time, with sections marking an hour as they melted away.

There are many different shapes and sizes of candles as well as holders. A candle holder is also known as a candlestick or a candelabra, depending on how many candles it holds. The candlestick has room for only one, while a candelabra has two, three, four or more candles on it.

A candle has a wick that is set inside the wax, as the wick burns the wax liquefies and then vapourises; producing a constant rate of burn. Some of the liquified wax also moves up the exposed wick due to the capillary action and thus burns within the flame.

The wax itself is often white but could be any colour one can think of, people even make candles that have multiple colours of wax mixed together to create designs.

Types of candles

One of the most common uses of candles is on top of birthday cakes. These are generally smaller ones so they can easily be set onto a cake. Often birthday candles come in various, funky colours to add to the festivities.

The other common use is candles that are infused with scents. This can help make a place smell nice once the candle is lit; with the scent spreading out into the space as it burns. Scented candles often come in short glass containers that are wide.


Candles are one of the leading factors of house fires, which is why one should not be left lit unless it is in use.

The melted wax of a candle can cause a burn though these are rarely severe burns.


Candles are used in many religious festivals and also at vigils. Today the main usage of candles is as an emergency light in case the power has gone. One can also easily find kits online to make their own candles and many people make them as a hobby.

Depending on the candle it might be good to cut the burnt portion of the wick off. About a fourth of an inch can be trimmed for a better burn when it is relit. Some candles have a self-trimming wick as well, this turns to total ash as it burns.

Simple candles are available for lower prices, the fancy scented candles range from lower to very expensive rates. This mainly depends on the brand that has produced them.

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The best price of Candles in Pakistan is Rs. 479 and the estimated average price is Rs. 5,081.

Price List

Model Price
Mowo Candle Set Rs. 7,000
Ottomon Candle Stand Rs. 11,100
Vancouver Crystal Candle Stand Rs. 17,400
Vince Candle Stand Set Rs. 16,999
Hydrangea's Pillar Candle in Turquoise Color With… Rs. 525
Ebby Metal Candle Stand Set Rs. 14,000
Patchouli Scented Candle Rs. 2,900
Oud Bakhoor Scented Candle Rs. 2,900
Magnolia Flower Scented Candle Rs. 2,900
Rose Petals Scented Candle Rs. 4,200