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The best price of Canolive Oil in Pakistan is Rs. 199 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,138.


CanOlive Cooking Oil is produced by Punjab Oil Mills Limited (POM) Pakistan in partnership with a Spanish company called Genosa ID. POM manufactures both edible oils and banaspati products that are more concentrated in healthy fats.


Healthy Cooking Oil

Problematic fats cause heart disease such as Trans Fat and cholesterol in order to help customers live better healthier lives the Canolive Oil is a Trans Fat-Free vegetable-based ghee. It has an anti-oxidant compound extracted from Olive Oil called Hydroxytyrosol. The properties of Olives help promote heart and cardiovascular health, lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of developing diabetes. The benefits of Olive Oil are known for centuries with helping to protect from life-threatening medical conditions such as cancer. But it is a very expensive oil that does not suit Pakistani style cooking because of its strong flavour. As a solution to localise the taste of Olive Oil the CanOlive cooking oil combines it with Canola and Sunflower Oils creating a new kind of premium quality cooking oil


The saturated fat content is less than 10%, making it even better than olive oil that has a higher percentage of saturated fat. The essential omega 3 found in Canola oil combined with Sunflower oil that has alpha-tocopherols known as Vitamin E and omega 6 ensure the overall health of the brain, nervous system and eyes. The Anti-oxidant properties also help improve healing and are anti-inflammatory benefiting muscle and cell growth of the body. 


1 Liter Pet Bottle

1 Liter x 5 Poly Pouch Pack

3 Liter PET Bottles

4 Liter Tin

4.5 & 10 Liter Easy Handle Cans

5 Liter PET Bottles

16 Liter Can

Price List

Model Price
CanOlive 1.8 Litre Special Edition Bottle Rs. 1,130
CanOlive 1.8 Litre Special Edition Bottle Rs. 1,232
CanOlive 4.5 Litre Special Edition Bottle Rs. 2,815
Canolive Premium Cooking Oil Bottle 1.8 Litre Rs. 1,850
Canolive Oil (10ltr) Rs. 210
Canolive Premium Oil and Sun Flower Oil with Oliv… Rs. 2,950
Canolive Oil (16ltr) Rs. 3,485
Canolive Cooking Oil Canola & Sunflower 5 Litre Rs. 1,839
CanOlive 4.5 Litre Special Edition Bottle Rs. 2,815
Olive Guard Canolive Premium Canola Oil, Sunflowe… Rs. 3,450
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