Canon Cooking Range

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Compare 27 prices from 3 stores.

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Rs. 34600 - Rs. 124500


Cooking ranges can be powered by gas, electricity or both (hybrids). The cooking range by Canon is an all in one cooking appliances that come with a stove, grill and a built-in oven. The stove at the top of the cooking range comes with 3 to 5 burners for heating food and cooking. You can cook food on the stove in various kitchen utensils. The grill and the oven are enclosed in a metal box below the stove. Check Canon Cooking Range prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


Design & Burners

Canon cooking range typically features 3 to 5 gas burners. Depending on the size of your family and cooking requirements, you can select for the model. A bigger model would obviously take up more space and is suitable for large spaces. A compact kitchen would look best with a 3 burner option.

The cooking range also has a lamp that can be turned on for light. The body of the cooking range is made out of a full iron sheet that is durable and rust-resistant. You have the choice of automatically igniting the burner with the Auto Ignition option. The lid or cover of the cooking range is robust and made out of iron. When not in use you can turn down the lid to keep the stovetop clean and dust-free

Stove, Oven and Grill

Cooking range by Canon also features a thermostat with a knob for the grill. The rotisserie can be used to grill meat using the right temperature and settings. It comes with a rack and a spit and the front door handles are made out of metal. The entire front is made out of durable tempered glass that won't be damaged even if the inside gets extremely hot. 

Canon cooking range prices in Pakistan vary depending on the model and versatility of the appliance.  Compare cooking range prices in Pakistan on our website to find the perfect model for your kitchen that fits your needs and budget.

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The best price of Canon Cooking Range in Pakistan is Rs. 34,600 and the estimated average price is Rs. 75,404.

Price List

Model Price
CR-663 Canon Cooking Range (34Inch 3Burner) Rs. 39,000
CR-666 Canon Cooking Range 34-Inch 5-Burner MG Fi… Rs. 38,300
Canon Cabinets & Cooking Ranges CR-666 Rs. 39,800
Canon Cabinets & Cooking Ranges CR-373 (Executive) Rs. 47,900
Canon Cabinets & Cooking Ranges CR-523 Executive Rs. 45,700
Canon Cabinets & Cooking Ranges CR-663 Rs. 41,500
Canon Cabinets & Cooking Ranges CR-273 Rs. 36,300
Canon Cabinets & Cooking Ranges CR-173 Rs. 34,600
Canon Cabinets & Cooking Ranges CR-533 Executive Rs. 49,900
Canon Kitchen Range Hood C1-02H (90CM) Rs. 75,600
Canon Kitchen Range Hood CA-902T (90CM) Rs. 78,000
Canon Kitchen Range Hood CA-99KF (90CM) Rs. 78,000