Canon Instant Geyser Price in Pakistan

The best price of Canon Instant Geyser in Pakistan is Rs. 17,200 and estimated average price is Rs. 22,336.


Canon makes Sui Northern Gas approved products. Their geyser range includes instant geysers as well, which also feature electric and gas both. The price of Canon instant geysers is in the mid ranges.


Canon Appliances was established in 1972, they started with air coolers and got into heaters from 1975. 

Over time the brand has also added geysers to their range, including instant geysers. Canon has products which are approved by Sui Northern Gas.

Instant geysers from Canon

A convenient kind of geyser, this geyser starts heating as soon as one turns the tap on. Essentially it can provide you with hot water till the tap is running. They are also smaller in size in comparison to the storage geysers.

Canon has options for electric or gas, both. The electric version can be installed inside the bathroom as well. Gas ones need to be outdoors in case of any minimal leakage even. 

Canon's instant geysers have features to keep you safe as well. If the temperature rises too much the geyser shits off. Water pressure issues are also compensated for and if there isn't any water the geyser does not turn on, avoiding dry burn. 


Instant geysers need an electric cell to generate the starting spark, this lasts a long time. The electric instant geyser costs a lot more to run as it uses up quite a bit of power.

The prices of Canon instant geysers varies depending on the specific size and type, but generally, the prices are in the mid ranges.

Price List

Model Price
Canon Instant Gas Geyser INS-1060 Rs. 20,999
Canon Instant Gas Water Heater 16Dplus (6Ltr) Dual Rs. 24,500
Canon CA 600P Instant Geyser 6ltr Rs. 17,200
Canon 602 Instant Gas Water Geyser Stainless Steel Rs. 17,700
INS-604DD Canon Instant Water Geezer (4/6 Ltr) Du… Rs. 20,100
INS-18DD Canon Instant Water Geezer (8/10 Ltr) Du… Rs. 27,500
INS-1060PD Canon Instant Water Geezer Dual Igniti… Rs. 28,600
Canon INS-1002 10L Dual Ignition Water Heater Rs. 26,000
INS-16DD-Plus Canon Instant Water Heater Rs. 21,499
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