Canpol Babies Breast Pump Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Canpol Babies Breast Pump in Pakistan is Rs. 5,790 and estimated average price is Rs. 14,037.


The Canpol Babies Breast Pump is either electronic or manual. These devices are ideal for mothers who are working but would like to feed their kids. The electronic machines are silent so they can be used almost anywhere.


Canpol Babies Breast Pumps are available in manual and electronic. The latter makes it a lot more convenient but the former is more compact.

One can use a Canpol Babies Breast Pump to extract milk that can be stored for the baby to feed on later. This is ideal for mothers who work and is also very useful for mothers who overproduce. Overproduction can become uncomfortable and even painful.

To relieve pressure from overproduction, mothers can use the Canpol Babies Breast Pumps to relieve the pressure. The Canpol Babies Breast Pumps are designed in a way that makes them easy to use and the design also makes sure the milk does not have any contact with the external environment.

Canpol Babies Breast Pumps are easy to take apart and assemble. The compact size makes these pumps easy to carry along with you.

The electronic versions of the Canpol Babies Breast Pump have multiple settings and also work in a way that mimics how a baby sucks, this makes the process more natural for the expression of milk. The cups on these pumps are made soft and they can mould to the shape of individuals, making it a snug fit

At times devices such as the Canpol Babies Breast Pumps are also used to donate milk for babies who may not have their mothers around anymore.

Price List

Model Price
Canpol Babies Basic Manual Breast Pump Rs. 5,790
Canpol Babies Easy Start Electric Breast Pump Rs. 22,285
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