Canvas Shoes Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Canvas Shoes in Pakistan is Rs. 649 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,300.


Canvas is a rough material typically used for painting and manufacturing durable handbags and shoes. Canvas shoes are lightweight and comfortable footwear that is made out of canvas upper and a rubber sole. Being lightweight and comfortable, these shoes are great to be worn every day but the lack of shock absorption and low motion control capability makes these shoes unfit for sports or hardcore activities. Canvas shoes are available online at various prices in Pakistan.

Pros & Cons


  • Casual

  • Lightweight

  • Easily washable

  • Best cushioning

  • Low maintenance

  • Extremely comfortable

  • Great for walking and light jogging

  • Available in all sorts of colours and designs


  • Low motion control

  • Lack shock absorption

  • Not for hardcore sport activities

  • Not as durable as sneakers or sports shoes


The price of canvas shoes depends on the vendor and design but they are mostly pretty cheap footwear. While sneakers, joggers or sports shoes are best for sports activity, canvas shoes are great for normal day to day activities like walking and jogging. Lightweight and breezy, canvas shoes are highly comfortable footwear that is available in every colour you can think of. Canvas shoes can be worn in summers and winters both but they are more suitable for summers as they don't keep the feet cool.

Canvas Shoes for Boys & Girls

Canvas shoes for men and women differ in design and colours. The girl's variety can be in cute and girly colours like pinks, greens, yellows etc. They can also have cartoon characters imprinted on them or be in one solid colour for girls who like to keep a low profile. Canvas shoes for boys can have boyish designs and patterns printed on them with colours like blues, blacks, browns and neon colours for guys who like funky coloured footwear. For both boys and girls, canvas shoes can be laced up, with a velcro band, pumps, slip in style or a variety of other designs. 

Washing & Maintenance

It is very easy to keep and maintain a pair of canvas shoes. They can be washed easily with a mixture of warm water and mild soap, scrubbed with a toothbrush and hung out in the open air to be air-dried. Avoid hanging them in direct sunlight. Never dry your shoes in front of the heater or stove as the heat will destroy the canvas fabric. Some also prefer to run their canvas shoes in the wash cycle. Just make sure to scrub off dirt and debris before running them in the washing machine cycle. The best way is to wash them by hand first and then throw them in the cycle for deep cleaning. Don't dry your shoes in the dryer as it will damage the fabric.

Canvas Shoe Brands in Pakistan

Servis, Bata, Adidas, Breakout, Unze London, ELO exportleftovers, Outfitters etc are a few of the brands selling canvas shoes in Pakistan. Their shoes are available in plenty of colours and designs and can be worn by men women and kids.

Price List

Model Price
Zee Soft Women's Canvas Shoes Rs. 999
Canvas shoes for girls Rs. 649
Girls Grey Casual Canvas KD2168 Rs. 2,000
Girls Black Casual Canvas KD1335 Rs. 1,600
Casual Sneakers I57055-Red Rs. 2,750
Casual Sneakers I57056-Red Rs. 2,950
Casual Sneakers I90045-White Rs. 2,450
MCS | Shoes | Canvas Shoes 095473 Rs. 3,143
Ladies Light Blue Canvas Jeans Flat Shoes Rs. 1,340
Girls Navy Casual Canvas KD2170 Rs. 1,600
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