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Compare 132 prices from 25 stores.

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A device that can be used to charge ones portable devices in the car, making use of the electric lighter port. This adds a lot of convenience if one is travelling or in the case of an emergency. Car chargers are made by many brands and are available for relatively affordable prices. Some are cheaper and belong to the lower end brands.


Car charger

Portable devices are so common in our lives today and the need to charge them is always a concern; we have so many different devices just for this purpose, including car chargers. Fitting into the electric lighter port of the car to provide charging via a USB cable, car chargers are very convenient for travel or emergencies.

There are many different kinds of these car chargers, some have multiple ports so one can change even 2, 3 or 4 smartphones. Others come with a cradle wireless charging, but this would work only with Qi-certified devices.

Sometimes the ports have a different ampere rating, meaning one has more power and would charge a device faster, these work with the fast charging feature that is found in many portable devices today.

Other possible features

Car chargers are built with safety features so the devices do not sustain damage. This can include things such as overcharge protection, static protection, short circuit protection, voltage drop protection, anti-reverse protection and output over current protection.


These chargers are made by many different brands, the known ones include Aukey, RAVPower, Belkin, Jabra, Dany, Anker, Tronsmart, Remax and a few others.

The price of car charger varies from the lower end to the lower mid-range, depending on the brand one chooses and the specific features. A car charger with more ports would cost more as would a wireless version.

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The best price of Car Charger in Pakistan is Rs. 2,299 and the estimated average price is Rs. 5,417.

Price List

Model Price
Ugreen Car Charger 42.5W Car Charger Adapter Fast… Rs. 4,600
Mi Car Charger 37w Rs. 3,250
Aukey Car Charger Aukey... Rs. 2,300
UGreen Dual 24W Car Charger Rs. 2,599
Moshi USB-C Car Charger-Quick Duo-20W dual-port U… Rs. 8,499
UGREEN 69W Car Charger... Rs. 4,040
UGREEN 63W Car Charger... Rs. 2,870
LDNIO C510Q USB C Fast Car Charger 36W PD+QC3.0 F… Rs. 2,990
UGREEN 69W Car Charger... Rs. 4,100