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Compare 47 prices from 8 stores.

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Most people like to beautify and decorate their cars just like they would with their living spaces. A car is a person's prized possession and with a little care and attention, it can look amazing from the inside as well as outside. There is a wide array of car decorations online in Pakistan that you can buy and decorate your car with. Check out car decoration prices in Pakistan on this page and read further for tips on how to beautify your car from inside and outside.


Exterior Car Decoration

You can buy a variety of things online for car exterior decor. Apart from being decorative items, some of them serve useful purposes.

1. Car Stickers & Emblems

You can buy car stickers online to decorate your car. 3D cartoon or animal stickers look almost real and give your car a funky or gothic look. If you are more into subtlety, you can go for monograms and stickers in funny or motivational one-liners. Other than decoration, car stickers are also used for protection.

You can get the protective sticky film for car door handles and any part of the car you feel is more scratch-prone. If you are into bling and sparkles, sticker strips studded with rhinestones or sparkly elements can be pasted along the edges of the car dashboard or the sound system.

2. Wedding Car Decoration

Pakistani weddings are all about extravagance and opulence. Apart from decorating the house, wedding venue and bridal room, the groom's car is also decorated for the Barat day. The car is decorated with floral bouquets and garlands made out of fresh or artificial flowers, silk ribbons, festive organza, tissue or tulle fabrics and in some cases, battery-operated LED lights.

There is a huge number of shops in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi that do amazing car decorations for weddings. If you want to do your own car decoration for your cousin or friend's wedding, you can buy decorative artificial flower bouquets or garlands online. 

3. Blind Spot Rearview Mirror

If you drive a car, you may come across many blind spots on the road. Blind spots are areas on the road that cant be seen through a normal side view mirror ad need a special 3D blind spot rearview mirror.

Interior Car Decoration

Installing these things inside your car can make your life easier and your car luxurious.  

1. Sound System & Video Player

While they enhance the look of your dashboard, they also make travelling more fun. You and your family can watch your favourite shows or listen to your favourite music on the go. 

2. Steering wheel covers

Good quality steering wheel covers aid in sweat-resistant and slip-free manoeuvring of the car. High-quality leather material is the best you can use as your steering wheel cover. Aside from giving a comfortable grip, they give a luxurious look to the car interior.

3. Car Seats, Floor & Seat Cushions 

Invest in good quality car seat covers like leather that instantly transforms the interior of your car. Apart from car decoration it also is a great way to keep your car dry and moisture-free. Cleaning the seats is also easier when they are covered in leather or any other washable and quick-drying material.

Add comfortable seat cushions to decorate the car and to keep your back supported while driving. Keep the car floor clean and install anti-slip mats for comfort and enhanced look.

4. Dashboard Camera, Air Freshener, Mats & Decorative Toys

Install anti-skid dash mats so you can place your mobile or other stuff without worrying about it slipping while your car takes twists and turns. A dashboard camera is a great way to keep a record of your journey or to record any driving mishaps that might occur. You can also post fun videos while driving.

To add to the car decoration, you can place dashboard perfume or air freshener bottles that come in beautiful shapes and cases. You can also add decorative toys on the dashboard to make your car look interesting. Car decorations like head bobbing dashboard toys or perfumes are easily available online.

5. Phone Holder & LED Car Charger

It is difficult to hold your phone while driving as well as pretty dangerous. A robust phone holder looks decorative while being very handy when you want to place your phone at a safe place while driving. It also helps you navigate and read road maps easily on your phone while driving without having to hold the phone. 

While you go for long trips, a cute looking car charger with LED lights will not only look futuristic but also help you charge your phone or laptops during travelling.

6. Cup Holder, Swivel Tray & Storage Bin 

A cup holder, swivel tray and storage bin will not only add a decorative flair to the car but also prove to be very convenient during long travels. You need something to place your cup while you take sips from it during driving. A cup holder will prevent any splashes or accidental spills, you can also place your water bottle in a cup holder.

A swivel tray is an easy way to place your food on the go. Look for the ones that can be transformed into storage compartments after you are done eating. They will not only make eating in your car easy but also make for a nice car decoration item.

7. Ambient Laser or LED Lights

You can get a variety of LED lights or ambient laser light for interior car decoration. The lights change colours and motions according to the music and beats and some even function without music.

Car decorations price in Pakistan varies depending on the item and brand. Find the best price for car decoration items online as well as a wide variety of car accessories on our site.

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The best price of Car Decorations in Pakistan is Rs. 799 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,756.

Price List

Model Price
3D Metal Flying Eagle Zinc Alloy Front Ornament U… Rs. 1,000
Universal Car Engine Start Stop Button Ring Circl… Rs. 1,200
15ft EL Wire LED Strip Glow String Light For Car … Rs. 1,651
9ft EL Wire Flexible Neon Lamp Rope Tube Cable LE… Rs. 1,500
9ft EL Wire Flexible Neon Lamp Rope Tube Cable LE… Rs. 1,500
Car interior Decoration Clock Watch For T.o.y.o.t… Rs. 1,500
Wooden Antique Car Table Decoration Office Desk C… Rs. 2,445
15ft EL Wire Sewing Edge Flexible Neon Lamp Rope … Rs. 2,000
Car interior Decoration Clock Watch For Toyota Rs. 1,321
Wooden Car 8 Inch Rs. 950
Wooden Car 12Inch Rs. 2,000
Ornament Automobiles Decoration Quartz Clock Rs. 1,500