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The best price of Car Mats in Pakistan is Rs. 1,300 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,463.


Floor and dashboard mats in the car are not just meant for the protection of the car's components. They also add to the beauty and look of the car's interior, increasing your car's resale value. Check out car mats prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


Mats for car can be used to protect the floor and dashboard. There are many types of car mats but the most commonly used are rubber, plastic, polymer and carpet mats. They come in all shapes, sizes and designs and can be spiked or have grooves that help hold water or dirt.  

Car Floor Mats

It is important to cover your car's floor with good quality and durable mats that would protect them from dust and multiple damages. You can choose from carpet mats or the rubber ones that has various forms like the synthetic variety including vinyl and thermoplastic.


Apart from aesthetics, you need mats to protect your car floor from liquid spills, sun damage, stains, odors and pet dander. They would prevent the floor from getting damaged and color fading in sun exposure. So it is important to cover the floor unless you drive an exotic car and only take it out occasionally with no risk of food and liquid spills. 

Enhanced Interior

Great looking car mats can add to the beauty of your car's interior. Choosing the right colour and material is essential as it can also increase your car's resale value and give it a luxurious look.

Car Dashboard Mats

The dash mats are a great way to block the damaging rays of the sun as they can fade the colour of the dashboard. Also, dash mats can decrease sun glare and the newer variety can decrease windshield haze that is a result of gasses being leaked from the car's dashboard. These are designed to be anti skid and anti slip mats that help one place their mobile phone, wallet or other stuff without worrying about them to tip over.

Tips & Comments

While rubber, plastic and carpet mats would come in cheap, polymer mats are the ones that can drastically enhance the look and feel of your car's interior. They are also the most expensive variety of car floor mat material. Whichever mats you choose for your car, make sure they are water proof, easy to clean, install and remove as well as anti skid and anti slip. This prevents the mats from pilling up under the pedal and resulting in unfortunate happenings.

Buy high quality and durable car mats at the best prices in Pakistan on this page. Quality, comfort and durability should be one's top considerations when looking for mats for the car. 

Price List

Model Price
Crystal Universal Silicone Floor Mats Smoke 3 Pcs… Rs. 2,500
Suzuki Swift PVC Trunk Mat - Model 2010-2020 Rs. 1,600
Honda City PVC Interior Mats White - 2008-2021 | … Rs. 2,420
Suzuki Swift Dashboard Mat Rs. 1,500
Universal PVC Large Mats Smoke 3pcs Rs. 2,499
Honda City PVC Interior Mats Red - 2008-2014 | C… Rs. 2,420
Universal Arm Rest PU Cushion - Black | Car Armre… Rs. 2,530
Honda BRV PVC Interior Mats Red - Model 2017-2021… Rs. 2,420
Universal 5 Piece Mat 055 White Rs. 2,900
Suzuki Wagon R Dashboard Mat Rs. 1,500
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