Card Holder

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Compare 328 prices from 24 stores.

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Rs. 339 - Rs. 62880


A small carrying case for all one's cards, including business cards and the various payment cards. There are many different sizes and materials, with leather being the most common. The price of a card holder depends on the material and brand.


Card Holder

A useful carrying case for one's business cards. A wallet can be a lot bulkier to carry around, card holders on the other hand are much sleeker. It saves your cards from getting bent and damaged corners, which can make them look shabby. 

Even aside from one's own cards, it helps with storing the cards one is given. One can keep the more important ones they are given to them inside their card holder. People also use card holders to carry their credit and debit cards.

One can find card holders made from different materials, but more commonly it is leather. That makes for a long-lasting case that is also easy to carry as it is a supple material. The sizes vary, some card holders can only hold a few cards while others have more space.

Some people use a card holder instead of a wallet as it a lot more compact. This is why certain card holders also have a money clip on the rear, allowing multifunctionality.


There is another kind of card holder as well; the ones one sees on luggage which has the owners name inside it.

One of the most reliable brands for card holders is Jafferjees. The price of a card holder depends on the material it is made from and also the brand. Generally, it is a nominally priced item.

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The best price of Card Holder in Pakistan is Rs. 339 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,906.

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Model Price
Card Holder Rs. 499
Geniune Cow Leather Card Holder, Slim Card Holder… Rs. 450
Visiting Card Holder Rs. 499
Autograph Card Holder Rs. 1,800
Wbm Card Holder Red No Fold Simple Card Holder Wa… Rs. 599
Wbm Card Holder Lanyard Green-12pcs- Card Holder,… Rs. 599
Wbm Card Holder Best Quality Men's Wallet Card Ho… Rs. 599
Visiting Card Holder - 240 Cards Capacity Rs. 349
Wbm Card Holder Lanyard-blue-12pcs- Card Holder, … Rs. 749
Ladies Card Holder Rs. 1,199