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CareSens N glucometer is a device that is used to keep an eye on glucose levels by diabetics. For people who suffer from the condition, monitoring it is important as the levels are important to maintain. This device is in an affordable range, making it accessible for people who are trying to keep their health in check.


CareSense N is one of the models of glucometers from i-sens.

A glucometer is needed by diabetics to keep an eye on their blood sugar levels. The CareSense N uses a very small quantity, 0.5 μL of the patients' blood and can give a reading within 5 seconds. The CareSense N Strips are used to prick the finger with the smallest possible incision and is inserted into the glucometer, these strips are bought separately. They have a relatively long shelf life too so they are easier to store.

A big plus with this glucometer is that it does not require coding each time you get a new batch of test strips. 

It can store 1000 test results so you can get an overview of your general condition over longer durations of time as well as the meter gives you test averages for multiple days. This data can be downloaded into a computer via a USB as well, so you have your records and the device's memory can be cleared up for newer results to be logged in.

There is post-meal flagging so you know the test was taken post a meal.

The battery on the CareSense N lasts for 3000 tests so you have more than ample time before it runs out. The CareSense N has 4 alarms for you to keep your check times consistent, depending on what your personal health needs are.

CareSense N is available for a generally affordable price, with the test strips being in a similar range as it as well.

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