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The best price of Carmex Lip Balm in Pakistan is Rs. 995 and estimated average price is Rs. 995.


Carmex Lip Balms are over 100 years old and are formulated with lip-softening and moisturizing ingredients. It comes in a squeezable tube as well as small round pots and in multiple flavours. The balms cause no allergies as they are made out of natural and safe ingredients. Carmex Lip Balms are priced in the budget-friendly range.


Lip Nourishing Ingredients

These lip balms are curated out of natural ingredients that are safe for all skin types. These include beeswax, candelilla wax, cocoa butter, colloidal oatmeal, cold-pressed cranberry seed oil, vitamin E and salicylic acid.

Convenient Design

Carmex Lip Balms are available in squeezable tube form which was the first design by the brand. They are now also available in small round pots as well as retractable sticks.

Moisturizing & Hydrating

Candelilla and Beeswax are natural astringents and moisturizers. When added to a lip balm, they help moisturize and hydrate the lips while keeping them plump. They also form a protective barrier on the lips, preventing them from going dry or chapped.

Lip Softening

The combination of cold-pressed cranberry seed oil and cocoa butter makes the texture of the lips soft and keeps them healthy looking. Cranberry seed oil is loaded with Vitamin E and cocoa butter is a natural softener and moisturizer. The addition of salicylic acid ensures that the lips remain soft as it is known to prevent dryness and dullness.

Sun Protection

Lips get chapped and dry due to exposure to the harmful rays of the sun. Sunlight also alters the colour of the lips, making them brownish in colour rather than the coveted pink. Carmex adds a sun protection factor of 15 to its lip balms, making them effective in preventing sunburn.

Relieves Itching

Carmex lip balms contain benzocaine, camphor and menthol which are known as topical numbing solutions. They aid in temporarily relieving itching and pain and keep cold sores and discomfort at bay.

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Carmex Moisture Plue Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm Pea… Rs. 995
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