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The best price of Carrom Board in Pakistan is Rs. 1,250 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,727.


A favourite board game for generations played predominantly in South Asia is a great item to keep in the house for fun family activity. It helps build confidence, cognitive skills and instils healthy competition among children. Carrom Board is played casually and professionally as a sport with championship tournaments and competitions.



The Caroom Board game played on a smooth wooden surface is treated with powder to enhance the bounce and slip quality of the wood. The surface has to be even and silky so that the chips can be flicked by hand with ease and precision. Similar to the billiard game there are chips instead of balls that need to be shot into the pocket holes on the corners of the board.  

The wood can be of various qualities depending on the price starting with regular plywood paired with harder wood to frame the board to make it durable and strong. The deep pockets can hold multiple chips at a time. Carrom Board has a variety of sizes from small, medium and large from 32-inch, 42-inch to 52-inches. The chips are also designed in various colours and pattern depending on the model of the game. There are also stands available to place the board on top of for convenience and portability. Carrom Board is played in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, UAE, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

It usually has 9 white, 9 blacks, and 1 red set of chips to play. Children as young as 5 to 8 years of age can play easily as the rules are simple. It is a relaxing and fun game that can between by both kids and adults together at home or while vacationing. 

Price List

Model Price
Large Pucket Game ,carom,wooden Toys,board Game,i… Rs. 1,599
Large Pucket Game ,carom,Wooden toys,board game,i… Rs. 1,450
Large Pucket Game ,carom,wooden Toys,board Game,i… Rs. 1,599
Carrom Board 2.5X2.5 Rs. 1,700
Wooden Carrom Board - 3 x 3 feet Rs. 1,845
M Toys Wooden Carrom Board 2 x 2 Feet Rs. 1,964
M Toys Wooden Carrom Board 3 x 3 feet Rs. 2,274
Carrom Board 2x2 Rs. 2,000
Carrom Board 2X2 Rs. 1,250
Large Pucket Game ,carom,Wooden toys,board game,i… Rs. 1,450
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