Carthorse Bags

Compare 48 prices from 7 stores.

Compare 48 prices from 7 stores.

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Rs. 2240 - Rs. 21099


The Carthorse Bags from Astore are a simple and stylish option for your daily use. A good-sized bag for regular usage that is also available in multiple colours so one can accessorise their look.


Astore has lots of different options for handbags, with Carthorse Bags among them. The brand is all about accessible quality.

The Carthorse Bags are made from faux leather, making them durable and easy to clean. The shape of these bags is simple, with two deep pockets and one zippered pocket that is slim which divides the other two. The strap allows you to carry your bag on your shoulder with ease.

One could use the Carthorse Bags regularly as it is spacious and has a clasp that keeps it closes from the top so your things are in place.

You can pick from a lot of different colours for the Carthorse Bag, this lets you pick multiple ones even. Handbags are a great way to add to your look and colour is crucial for this aspect. The colour options include yellow, black, peach, maroon, blue and more.

The price of the Carthorse Bags is in an affordable range.

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The best price of Carthorse Bags in Pakistan is Rs. 2,240 and the estimated average price is Rs. 8,022.

Price List

Model Price
Saddle Shoulder Bags B15101-Maroon Rs. 7,875
Saddle Shoulder Bags B15008-Black Rs. 6,475
Saddle Shoulder Bags B15008-Red Rs. 6,475
Saddle Shoulder Bags B15008-Fawn Rs. 6,475
Beige/Grey Shoulder Bag-434092118 Rs. 7,630
Saddle Shoulder Bags B15021-Navy Rs. 6,475
Beige/Grey Shoulder Bag-434102118 Rs. 7,630
Beige/Grey Shoulder Bag-434112118 Rs. 7,630
Caterpillar Ryan Maroon Bag 84058-523 Rs. 11,299
Casual Ladies Hand Bag P01436 Rs. 2,250
Caterpillar Backpack Bag 83541-01 Rs. 15,999
CAT Mtterhorn Black Bag 84076-01 Rs. 21,099
Grey Casual Hand Bag P01863 Rs. 2,990