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The best price of Cartier Declaration in Pakistan is Rs. 12,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 22,371.


A luxury brand that produces a wide array of accessories, Cartier also has a range of fragrances. Declaration is a cologne from Cartier that was launched in 1998, it is a woody musk with floral and aromatic tones to compliment it. A complex cologne, Declaration has a lot of notes mixed to create this eclectic balance. A versatile cologne that can be worn at pretty much any time, during any season.


Cartier is about as fine a brand as there can be, a jewel house that eventually expanded into other products as well. The brand also has a wide range of fragrances to choose from, with many that are from a very high price point, among some of the most expensive that one could purchase. Other's are not as expensive and are still great scents that have survived the test of time.

Declaration is a cologne from Cartier that has been around since 1998. It was created by the nose of Jean-Claude Ellena, a perfumer who has worked with many other top brands such as Armani, Bvlgari, Hermes and YSL.

Cartier Declaration

A complex cologne, with a lot of different notes combined to create the experience that it is.

The top notes include bitter orange caraway, birch, bergamot, coriander, artemisia, neroli and mandarin orange. This layer has spice, citrus and aroma, with a very slight hint of wood. On to the heart notes which include Guatemalan cardamom, pepper, ginger, iris, juniper, cinnamon, orris root and jasmine. With a heart like that one get a lot of spice.

At the base, one finds Tahitian vetiver, tea, cedar, oakmoss, leather and amber. Creating a mix of warmer notes along with earthiness. This makes for a great space for all the aromatics, spice and hints of florals to be centred in.

Cartier Declaration is super versatile and can be worn in the day or night, and during any season. The kind of scent it is allows for this to be possible, given all the notes that are fused within each layer.


Declaration by Cartier is towards a mid-range price, which means it is relatively expensive for the Pakistani market as a perishable product. It is a very highly regarded cologne in the market with great reviews as well as a lot of higher rated votes.

Price List

Model Price
Cartier Decleration Essence EDT 100ml Rs. 16,900
Declaration For Men By Cartier Eau De Toilette Sp… Rs. 18,380
Cartier Declaration Perfume EDT 100ml Rs. 20,350
CARTIER Declaration Edt Spray for Men 100Ml Rs. 22,580
Cartier Declaration Haute Fraicheur For Men EDT 1… Rs. 23,000
Declaration D' Un Soir For Men By Cartier Eau De … Rs. 21,350
Cartier Declaration Men Edt 100Ml Rs. 20,000
Cartier Declaration Eau De Parfum For Men 150ml Rs. 24,950
Cartier Declaration ESSENCE 100ML (Men) Rs. 22,045
Cartier Declaration Dun Soir EDT 100ml (Men) Rs. 20,300
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