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Compare 112 prices from 5 stores.

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Casio is behind some of the most sold watches in history. With simple neat designs, durable builds and reliable timekeeping over the years. Casio watches are available in a broad range from watches for businessmen to watches for extreme sportsmen. Casio really does have something for everyone.

Pros & Cons


  • Durable

  • Long battery

  • Many designs

  • Reliable


A global brand

Casio watches have been some of the most worn in history, almost everyone remembers that square watch from the 80s which is so reliable that it is still in production today, at 3 million units a year! Casio itself has produced other electronics as well such as calculators, cameras and musical instruments but is still best known for its watches. Over the years Casio has developed watches in multiple segments that were major successes, so much so that they are pop-culture retro icons and even have the status of classics. Having sold millions of units in individual categories. It was the quintessential digital watch for about two decades, no easy feat as there is no dearth of competition.

The different kinds of watches by Casio

Watches that run on analog technology have arms for pointing the time and the ones with quartz crystals to maintain time in digital watches with Liquid Crystal Displays, but to cover it all they make some that combine both. Analog hands and a digital display for other information like the date or even the time in a number format called 'Ana-Digi'. Watches that are water-resistant to 200 meters and shockproof, you could probably drive a car over them without anything happening; named the 'G-Shock' series. Watches that have small data banks (which were developed long before it was common on such a small scale device) that hold contacts, have built-in calculators and a few models that have universal remote controls for TVs and VCRs! This latter model is regularly sold out even today called the 'Casio CM-D 40'. Being a favourite with kids so they could mess around with other peoples TVs.

Casio has watches that have been synced to various governments atomic clocks that are the most accurate clocks, accurate to one second in a million years that send daily time to Casio watches through radio signals; part of the series called 'Waveceptor'. Casio has another range that has a more business-oriented style under the title 'Edifice', some of these models have Bluetooth connectivity which enables one to set the alarm, change the world clock on it via a smartphone and receive a basic notification of your email too. It also has a 'find my phone' button that makes your phone beep even in silent mode. The 'Pro Trek' series includes a digital compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer and many other functions so if you are an outdoor person it is a great aid to keeping you on track. This Casio watch also runs on solar power using light from the sun or artificial light to charge the battery, talk about being a complete outdoor watch. Multiple watches have the 'Illuminator' function which means the dial lights up with fluorescent green light to see time in the dark easier.

Reliability is where it is at

Casio watches have batteries that last years. So you don't have to keep making trips every year or two to get the battery swapped, some watches have a battery life nearing 10 years! If a reliable digital watch is what you have in mind and you want clean design Casio would be hard to beat. Picking one will be tough, as there are so many great options.

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The best price of Casio Women's Watches in Pakistan is Rs. 4,200 and the estimated average price is Rs. 21,390.

Price List

Model Price
Baby Pink Casio Watch Rs. 7,800
Casio Women Quartz Watch Rs. 12,500
Casio Digital Watch Price Rs. 14,800
Casio Original Women Watch Rs. 43,000
Casio Women Original Watch Rs. 40,000
Casio - Ltp-v005gl-1b2udf - Wrist Watch For Women Rs. 7,725
Casio Classic Women's Watch (LTP-1308D-1BVDF) Rs. 7,999
Casio Classic Women's Watch (LTP-1308L-1AVDF) Rs. 6,999
Casio Classic Women's Watch (LTP-V001GL-9BUDF) Rs. 4,999