Cat 6 Cable Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Cat 6 Cable in Pakistan is Rs. 20,499 and estimated average price is Rs. 37,923.


The Cat 6 Cable is a kind of ethernet cable used to connect to the internet. It is a high-performance cable, allowing for high data speeds. The price of a Cat 6 data cable depends on the brand it is made by and the length needed, the longer it is the more it costs. Overall ethernet cables are not particularly costly items.


Cat 6 Cable (Ethernet Cable)

There a few different categories of ethernet cables, the classifications are based on the amount of bandwidth and data transmission speeds. The complete category list is 3, 5, 5e, 6, 6a and 7.

A Cat 6 cable has the ability to handle Gigabit Ethernet with a bandwidth of up to 250MHz. The Cat 6 cable had a few improvements in comparison to its predecessor. This includes better insulation and thinner wires, which provide a higher signal-to-noise ratio. These are also better for environments that may have electromagnetic interference and thus reduces the crosstalk of cables. Some of the Cat 6 cables are available in shielded twisted pair (STP) form, while others are the older unshielded twisted pair (UTP). STP cables are a bit harder to install in comparison and less flexible due to the sheat inside. The STP cables also need a grounding cable.

The Cat 6 cable is also backwards compatible with Cat 5 and Cat 5e. 


These Ethernet cables are produced by many different brands, some are even unnamed. The known names include D-Link and 3M. The price depends on the length of the Cat 6 cable in question, the longer it is the more it costs. Generally, Ethernet cables are not an expensive item.

Price List

Model Price
D-Link ACT4P6SCM Actassi Cat‐6 Cable Rs. 37,950
Pollo PLN-UTP6-305P Network Cable Cat.6 Rs. 35,499
NEXANS N100.166-LE Essential-6 U/UTP AWG24 Cat 6 … Rs. 20,499
D-Link VCCASF64 CAT.6 4 Pair 1000Ft Cable Rs. 35,650
UGreen 11259 CAT6 UTP Lan Cable – 305M Rs. 28,499
HIK Vision – Cat 6 – Network 4 Pairs Cable – 305… Rs. 26,500
3M Cat 6 UTP Cable 305 Meter Coil Rs. 42,000
Vivanco 23AWG Cat 6 UTP PVC Cable Roll Blue 305M … Rs. 42,900
D-Link Cat6 24AWG UTP Cable Rolls 305m Grey (XE00… Rs. 37,400
D-Link Cat6 23AWG UTP Cable Rolls 305m (NCB-C6UGR… Rs. 37,400
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