Cctv Camera Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Cctv Camera in Pakistan is Rs. 230 and estimated average price is Rs. 23,025.


A great way to keep your home, office and other spaces secure. How much recording you have stored depends on how much space you install along with your cameras. CCTV cameras come with a network system or as standalone units that record onto a memory card. Modern iterations can be controlled and observed via WiFi.


Ever-present and placement

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras are nearly present everywhere today, even most spaces in cities in Pakistan. Being the most simple way to monitor businesses, homes, schools, prisons and the streets. Strategic placement is important for maximum visibility of a space. With newer technology, the CCTV cameras have also become compact and full of all kinds of upgrades.

The different types

Some CCTV systems are based on a wired setup and the cameras require power and a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) in place to store the audio/visual information. Others are standalone cameras that have the ability to record onto an SD card that fits into it. Most current systems have Wifi, meaning you can watch the space under surveillance from anywhere as long as you have internet access. Some even come with dedicated smartphone apps for this purpose. It is common for cameras to be HD, with good resolution and higher frame rates making for more smooth and clear video quality. A lot also have weather protection and night vision, so the outside areas can also have cameras despite any harsh weather they might need to endure around the year. Motion detection has become common as well, so some can be on standby until they sense movement and start recording from that point on. This works for places that generally do not have footfall but in specific cases might need to be kept secure, such as a storage warehouse. There are also standalone devices that have 2-way audio, meaning you can also talk to the person/s in the space being monitored.

What system works for you

The important bit is to figure out what system works better for your personal requirements or what the requirements of the space are. The larger  CCTV camera systems can be complex to install with wiring and all, which makes more sense for the outdoors or banks and such. Homes could easily be secured with simpler standalone cameras. There are also differences in price with these 2 systems since the standalone's have more functions built into one unit the per camera price can be higher.

Price List

Model Price
Adaptor For WIFI Router | CCTV Camera | Games | M… Rs. 399
Imou Ranger 2 - 360 Cctv Camera Rs. 7,500
CCTV White camera stand Rs. 230
CCTV camera cable Rs. 450
8 FHD CCTV Cameras Solution (HIKVISION) Rs. 42,300
16 FHD CCTV Cameras Package (HIKVISION) Rs. 72,300
cctv wireless camera Rs. 6,500
WiFi IP CCTV Wireless Camera Rs. 3,417
HKV IR DS-2CD2942F-IWS Rs. 33,500
Wireless IP Camera 360 view Rotatable, HD WiFi CC… Rs. 3,350
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