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Compare 92 prices from 9 stores.

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Rs. 789 - Rs. 65000


Depending on whether you are decorating your home, office, shop, apartment with ceiling lights, there is a large variety of indoor and outdoor designs. For traditional designs, there are classic vintage crystal or porcelain designs in chandeliers. The modern designs include steel or aluminium LED-powered glass cover or spotlight designs.



A ceiling light can even disperse light in a space. By installing a ceiling light the space on the side walls can be kept clear and simple without any disruptions. The traditional lighting designs is usually a centre chandelier in the centre of the ceiling paired with spotlights on the side walls which looks great in the drawing-room of a home. Hotels, fine dining restaurants and boutique fashion studios will place a grand chandelier at the centre of the lobby or reception as it presents the space as an opulent and luxurious. Chandeliers also provide a lot of light as they have anywhere between 3 to 50 bulbs at a time that can light up a room as large as 30 feet by 50 feet. The gold, crystal, rot iron designs were originally used to hold candles from the ceiling in the 17th century.  

Simple Ceiling Light 

There is a modern interpretation of the traditional chandelier that is functional and practical called a Pendant light, that are lightweight and hang from the ceiling with a single to triple bulb design. What is most commonly seen now is the Flush-Mount design that has one to two lightbulbs installed close to the ceiling wall with a glass lib to diffuse the light. These lights are available in hundreds of designs in glass, canvas and frosted glass variety. They are easy to maintain and comparatively cheaper than chandeliers. 

The Ceiling Fans with lights are also considered a good option for fancy ceiling light but are not popular in Pakistan as the hot summer weather requires fast fan speeds to keep the room cool that would damage the light. There are also special Kitchen Island Lighting designs that can be hung from the ceiling and are also placed above dining tables that look stylish and provide extra light while eating. The modern designs for ceiling lights have geometrical, aluminium, silver and copper./bronze finish that looks elegant and minimal not overshadowing any other home decore.   

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The best price of Ceiling Lights in Pakistan is Rs. 789 and the estimated average price is Rs. 6,288.

Price List

Model Price
3 Inch Ceiling Light Rs. 3,000
3 Inch Ceiling Light Rs. 1,000
7W LED Ceiling Light Spot Lighting High Brightness Rs. 1,427
Bedroom Corridoor Bathroom Led Round Glass Ceilin… Rs. 1,500
SIC LED SMD Panel Light Ceiling Light 2×4 96W Rs. 10,035
SIC LED SMD Panel Light Ceiling Light 2×2 48W 400… Rs. 4,090
SIC LED SMD Panel Light Ceiling Light 2×2 48W 300… Rs. 3,686
SIC LED SMD Panel Light Ceiling Light 1×4 48W 400… Rs. 5,200
SIC LED SMD Panel Light Ceiling Light 1×4 48W 650… Rs. 5,200
Baseus Rechargerable Ceiling Bright Car Reading L… Rs. 7,000