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The best price of Cement Bag in Pakistan is Rs. 310 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,528.


Save time and energy ordering a cement bag online. Easy to mix and ready to use for repairs at home or the office. The packaging of a cement bag is available in 50Kg in an airtight and sealed to prevent moisture buildup as that can damage the cement making it clumpy and hard to use.


Cement can be used for multiple tasks in construction and home decoration, simply create strong and durable bricks for the foundation of the walls and ground, or even out floors and ground inside and outside the home or office or pillars depending on your design requirements. Cement creates dense and impermeable concrete when completely dry that is immensely strong and durable lasting decades without fear of corrosion.

The high strength and weatherproofing of cement can be beneficial in the bathroom, laundry room, patio, driveway and many other areas of the home. Many prefer the look and feel of cement on their home walls creating an urban and minimal surface that looks modern and fashionable. A cement bag once opened can last for up to six months but must be stored in a cool and dry place without risk of moisture. The cement instantly starts to dry once mixed into water and exposed to air as the hydration process starts to solidify its state from liquid paste to a solid block.

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Long Black Plain Leather Wallets Rs. 1,870
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