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Compare 41 prices from 7 stores.

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Rs. 770 - Rs. 9500


A more convenient way to keep your cereals. Cereal dispensers make it a lot easier to pour your cereal every morning. There are different sizes and shapes available, as well as different functional designs. Generally, cereal dispensers are affordable.


Simpler cereal dispensers are plastic boxes with smaller lids that open allowing you to pour your cereal by tilting it over. The other dispensers are either wall-mounted or have a stand. With these you place your bowl under them and press a button, letting the cereal dispense into your bowl. This kind also has options that have multiple containers so you can have two or three cereals ready to be poured into your bowl, convenient for people who like to mix different cereals for their snack.

If a cereal dispenser is good it keeps your cereals from getting soggy, this is very crucial so cereal does not go stale and stays fresh and crispy. Cereal dispensers could be used for other things too, such as coffee beans.

The sizes of cereal dispensers vary and one can choose based on the size they would generally need.

Most cereal dispensers are available for affordable prices.

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The best price of Cereal Dispenser in Pakistan is Rs. 770 and the estimated average price is Rs. 2,755.

Price List

Model Price
Wall Mounted Cereal Dispenser 1.5L Rs. 1,095
Wall Mounted Cereal Dispenser Rs. 4,000
6 In 1 Grain Cereal Dispenser Rs. 4,299
1.5 Liter Single Piece Wall Mounted Cereal Dispen… Rs. 958
Large 1500ml Cereal Dispenser Easy Press Kitchen … Rs. 799
Large 1500ml Cereal Dispenser Easy Press Kitchen … Rs. 2,299
Large 1500ml Cereal Dispenser Easy Press Kitchen … Rs. 1,549
6pcs1kg Plastic Cereal Dispenser Storage Box, Cer… Rs. 2,700
Wall Mounted Divided Rice And Cereal Dispenser-ks Rs. 3,394