Certeza Dehumidifiers

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Compare 7 prices from 2 stores.

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Rs. 27999 - Rs. 785000


Certeza Dehumidifiers combine efficient moisture removal with user-friendly features and unique functionalities. They provide a comprehensive and convenient solution for managing humidity levels in your home or office. While their sleek design is visually appealing, it is their efficient performance, user-centric elements and additional features that make them stand out.


High Capacity

The flagship model, Certeza Dehumidifier DH-520, can remove up to 20 litres of moisture per day, suitable for rooms up to 60 square meters.

This ensures a more comfortable and healthier environment by effectively reducing humidity.

Continuous Operation

Unlike some dehumidifiers that turn on and off, the Certeza DH-520 runs continuously, ensuring consistent moisture removal without humidity level fluctuations.

Adjustable Humidity Settings

You can manually set your preferred humidity level at 40%, 50%, 60%, or 70%, tailoring the dehumidification process to your specific needs.

Easy-to-Use Controls

The electronic touch panel with an illuminated LED display on these Certeza Dehumidifiers simplifies the operation of the dehumidifier.

Large Removable Water Tank

The 4-litre water tank minimizes the need for frequent emptying, and its removable design makes cleaning and maintenance easy.

Continuous Drainage Option

For larger spaces or extended use, connect the included drainage tube for continuous water removal, eliminating the need to empty the tank.

Timer Function

Set the dehumidifiers to run for 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours before automatically shutting off, providing convenience and energy efficiency.

Auto-Rotating Air Outlet

The rotating air outlet ensures even distribution of dehumidified air throughout the room, optimizing moisture removal.

Two-Stage Fan Speed

Choose between low and high fan speeds to adjust airflow and noise levels based on your preference and humidity level.

Silent Rotary Compressor

The Certeza Dehumidifiers operates quietly, making it suitable for bedrooms or areas where quiet operation is desired.

Automatic Defrost Function

In colder environments, the automatic defrost function prevents ice buildup, ensuring consistent performance in low temperatures.

Splash-Proof Design

With an IPX4 splash-proof rating, the Certeza Dehumidifiers is suitable for use in humid environments like bathrooms or basements.

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The best price of Certeza Dehumidifiers in Pakistan is Rs. 27,999 and the estimated average price is Rs. 358,285.

Price List

Model Price
Certeza Air Dehumidifier DH-520 Rs. 160,000
Jet Cool Dehumidifier BL-Z10S Rs. 590,000
Jet Cool Dehumidifier BL-Z16S Rs. 785,000
De’Longhi Dehumidifier (DEX216F) Rs. 79,995
Jet Cool Dehumidifier BL-Z7S Rs. 475,000
XAXAZON Dehumidifier 2300ML Dehumidifier for Home… Rs. 27,999
Jet Cool Commercial Dehumidifier BL-8138S Rs. 390,000