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Certeza Electronic Baby Scales offer a combination of features, accuracy, and ease of use that caters to the specific needs of parents with young children. The inclusion of a comfortable platform, precise measurements, and additional functionalities like growth trackers positions them as a popular choice for ensuring the healthy growth and development of infants and toddlers.


Curved Weighing Platform

The Certeza Electronic Baby Scales feature a contoured platform designed to ensure the comfort and safety of babies during weighing.

The curvature minimizes the risk of slipping, providing a secure surface for accurate and stable measurements.

Backlit LCD Display

The scales come with a backlit LCD display that offers clear visibility of weight readings. This feature is particularly useful in low-light conditions, ensuring that parents can easily and accurately read their baby's weight, regardless of the ambient lighting.

Automatic & Manual Hold Function

Certeza Electronic Baby Scales include both automatic and manual hold functions. The automatic hold activates when the baby is still, capturing precise measurements even if the baby wiggles.

Alternatively, the manual hold button allows users to freeze the weight reading manually, providing flexibility in the weighing process.

Tare Weight Function

The tare weight function allows users to zero out the weight of items such as blankets or towels. This ensures that the scale measures only the baby's weight, providing accurate readings without the interference of additional items.

High Capacity & Precision

The scales have a high weight capacity of up to 20 kilograms (44 lbs) and offer precision with a graduation of 5 grams (0.011 lbs).

This allows parents to accurately track their baby's growth from infancy to toddlerhood, providing detailed information about the child's weight changes over time.

Additional Features

The scales come with several user-friendly features, including automatic shut-off for power efficiency, unit conversion between kilograms and pounds.

There is also an overload indicator for safety, an easy-to-clean surface, and battery-powered operation (2 AAA batteries included).

Combined Functionality

Some Certeza Electronic Baby Scales, like the BS-820 model, offer additional functionality beyond weighing. They include a built-in growth chart calculator.

This allows parents to track their baby's development against established norms, providing a comprehensive tool for monitoring growth milestones.

Travel-Friendly Option

Certain models, such as the BS-810, are designed to be compact and lightweight, making them ideal for on-the-go weighings or travel.

This feature adds convenience for parents who may need to monitor their baby's weight while away from home.

Gift-Worthy Design

The sleek and modern design, along with sturdy construction, makes Certeza Electronic Baby Scales a thoughtful and practical gift for new parents.

The combination of functionality and aesthetics adds to the appeal of these scales as a gift item for those welcoming a new baby into their lives.

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